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Special Spiritual Cinema program organised in nearby Armidale NSW 24th June to 15th July 2011:

Springs, Creeks, Forest, Yards, Dams, Open Countryside, Views, along Eastern boundary. 10m contours



Homestead in May......& a magnificent autumn sunset.


Grass trees & rock pool above waterfall.


More grass trees.............................................................Large clearing down south.


Wildlife....Big nest!........................................................Gorge waterhole.


Many permanent waterholes.


Permanent soak alongside creek line, "the village".


Southern gorge continued.


Northern gorge waterholes & formations.


Northern gorge waterholes & formations. Rock pools step higher & higher.


Rear of shearing sheds near homestead, rich dark soil, lots of worms.


Guyra Information Centre, Guyra Tomato Farm, huge! Best location in Aus for hydroponics.


Permanent shaded moss growth................Entrance track deep into property joining east to west over ridge lines.


High dam overlooking homestead..............What the Tomato Farm throw away every day.


The Sh... Brigade taking a break....................Dusk over local hives, fabulous bee country.


First Vegie garden bed....................................................................Only 1733 acres to go......


Transport option............................................Shed Bill Mollison style.


Windswept vintage architecture.


Gets too deep!


Ones that got away.......need to be sheared for their own good!

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* "ETHERION" means Divine, see for information, contact details, photos, & the Etherion story so far (read the article "Eco-Villages & Anastasia's 'Truth' about Rising Seas").
* We are guided by divinely inspired material, but are not denonimational.
* Based on Anastasia/Ringing Cedar books principles, 9 books recently translated.
* One Hectare lots (minimum) preserves individuality & personal creativity, unlike traditional models.
* Each domain is individually responsible for its own income, produce, etc.
* Surrounding one hectare domains create an inter-dependent "union of families", neither dependent (as with welfare) nor independent (the capatilistic, competitive system of greed).
* Traditional communities emphasize "one big family", conscripting people to work a communal plot. Some work, others don't, resentment sets in & the whole thing fails.
* This new model has already inspired over 300 communities in Russia since 1996, the West is now catching on.
* Within one year a domain will be feeding the resident family, free from the slavery of the monetary system.
* Within three years rich organic "Ringing Cedar" produce would be sold attracting premium prices.
* Income of only $50/week is feasible, as there are no mortgages, negligible bills, & little need for travel.
* Alternatively, a well-worked plot could be earning over $1000/week, sustained rates may be lower.
* Reading the first 4 Ringing Cedar books, if not all, is essential. They have a profound inexplicable influence on most readers.
* There is something primal about even the book covers (edition 1), stirring up feelings of great loss, of something forgotten, of how to live, & a powerful yearning to revive our connection with Nature.
* Essential viewing on Broadband is "Greening the Desert" & "The Story of Stuff" (google search), you will be asked about these.
* It's the Guiding Principles that are important, belief in the content is not required. The burdensome question "Does Anastasia really exist?" is irrelevant & is discussed at great length by the editor & translator in book 8.2, even they do not know. "I exist for whom I exist" quoting Anastasia.
* If you are looking for something ready made, this community is not for you.
* If you have a global cataclysmic fear-based mindset that is paralysing, please do not bring those energies here.
* If you are instead motivated by caution & "being prepared" for ANY contingency, we gladly welcome your contribution.

* One Hectare (2.5 acres) Kins Domains made available to anyone resonating with the above principles.
* Your one hectare to be held in perpetuity, passed from generation to generation.
* Shares can be sold by approval, but not the one hectare, which has a right of inheritance.
* If children do not stay it is no longer a kin's domain, made available for others.
* An annual levy will apply to all Domain members to pay for rates & charges.
* No taxes are imposed, however a nominal 10% of production & income derived within a Domain can be donated for common use.
* At least 6 months of residency on the Domain within the first 3 years is probationery in order to hold the land in perpetuity.
* Residency accumulated to six months will be examined & the Founding Committee will decide whether perpetuity is suitable, otherwise the prospective member will agree to vacate their Domain.
* Violation of general rules or failure to contribute to the harmony of the Settlement can result in expulsion from the community at any time.
* Contributions constitute fund raising for infrastructure & charges.
* Nominal contribution is $20,000 per hectare, not a large sum for many.
* Units are issued for contributions of $6,000 (3 shares) or more, constituting part-ownership of the 701 hectares.
* Units can be sold but not at inflated value, unless the entire property is sold due to cancellation of the project. Improvements (house, dam, etc) on a Domain will be valued to add to the sale classed as "improvements".
* Community infrastructure (schools, clubs), road upgrades, services distribution etc can be very costly, the Founding Committee can approve contributions far more than $20,000 with units issued for equitable ownership of the 701 hectares.
* Those without cash to contribute in particular, shall instead be very busy developing their Domain according to Anastasia's principles, & also contributing labour to community projects.
* If a Domain fails to develop within 3 years, the prospective member will agree to vacate their Domain as directed by the Founding Committee.
* One-quarter of each hectare domain shall be a woodlot with harvest potential, never harvested all at once.
* Planting of tall trees is to be co-ordinated with adjacent Domains.
* Living (not dead) fences surround each domain.
* Domains are separated by corridors of 3-5 metres.
* Pesticides, herbicides, growth stimulants & any other synthetic means of plant growth is prohibited.
* Hunting & slaughter of animals is prohibited.
* "Permanent Culture" principles shall apply to orchards, gardens, natural housing & a pond per lot.
* Drugs & alcohol are not part of the community. Interpret this any way you wish, it is not a strict ban but teaching by example is the only effective means of education.

* Remote, at end of no-through road. Closest minor town 40km, major towns 80km.
* Whether remoteness is "good" or "bad" is merely perception, providing more emphasis on self-sufficiency.
* Constitution controls vehicle traffic volume to avoid very costly road upgrading. All traffic is strictly monitored & regulated.
* Local town employment includes indigenous liaison, big tomato farm, hospital, & building demand, this may assist the transition mindset of "having to" travel to earn income elsewhere.
* Anastasia tells us money is an invention of the Dark Forces (we all knew that didn't we).
* My niece, during a recent meditation, asked "What's the glue that binds everyone in this room?" The answer was, Money (not so obvious, perhaps). How deeply does this enslavement tool affect you? In fact, it's a major reason why people are reluctant to proceed with a transition.
* Climate is superb (this section was written BEFORE the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria). Only 3 days per year above 30C average, no scorching temperatures to contend with that plague regions 1000km or more further south. Even though a declared fire-prone area, there is no visible evidence of bushfires throughout the property & from the observed New England Tablelands area, but when travelling to & from there are very noticeable signs. All the fallen timber, even in heavily timbered areas, is essentially white (pointed out in the Etherion videos) indicating lack of bushfire activity. Rainy season is predominantly in summer, the reverse is true in Southern Highlands of greater elevation where vast bushland areas have been devastated all the way to the mountaintops. Winter climate exhibits very high light levels, the very reason the local town was selected for Australia's largest glasshouse hydroponic farm. Winters are not "cold, wet & miserable" necessitating hibernation for months, but rather "cold & crisp, sunny & balmy" making this the best time of year for bushwalking & exploring, building construction & preparing for abundant harvest in the growing season. Topped off with occasional winter snow in a wilderness wonderland.
* The 701 hectares of Etherion are largely virgin bushland with two gorges slicing through the landscape. Springs are everywhere with an abundance of natural (plus 9 man-made) waterholes, although there's not a great deal of flowing water. Very rough landscape in wilderness areas has prevented exploitation of these pristine regions. You can camp/bushwalk for days in the wilderness without re-tracing your steps.
* Contrasting the wilderness, the Homestead Plateau & some other areas exhibit very deep & fertile soil. Etherion is an ancient, weathered landscape & much of the high peaks (directly behind the homestead, high no more) have filled the valleys with rich silt. See the attached (preliminary & very rough) profile of approximately one hectare lots, 22 in the Homestead Plateau (north-central area) & 29 in the Commercial Zone (north-east corner) area. Other potential areas include Juan Carlos valley (central clearing), Monty Carlo valley (east central) & the very remote southern cleared areas.

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Etherion Vision Statement

Post by jane on Tue Aug 05, 2008 8:24 pm
HEllO everyone. The vision statement.. for review and input, will shortly be available....

Etherion is the name and way of our community. Etherion has characteristics of the heavenly, where our soul life, social experiences and ecology reflect the goodness of love, creation, simplicity and balance. We’ll live on top of a mountain, in light and air, amongst forests and gorges, water holes and stars. We’ll create freedom to live according to who we truly are in our hearts and freedom from those things that limit us. And with these, our community is designed. This is our dream…to create a place where we all live in our dreams.

Realising our selves and our relationships with each other and our earth lies at the heart of our intention. Balance and harmony will be created by the soulful living of each person. The love and energy created by our spiritual lives will bring about joy and harmony, humbleness, purity and giving. These values drive our choices and actions. Our souls growth is individual as well as communal as we share our life experiences. Meditations, yogic living, holistic living and ceremonies are all part of the spiritual practices offered for our growth. Commitment to learning about and experiencing our souls paths live at the core of our efforts. We believe in creation, possibilities and at times impossibilities, and work with our creator to achieve them.

Our community has been created for all ages, children to elders. Love for each other through family and friendship is our achievement. We are self-governing therefore the communal life we aim to create is one of peace, appreciation, fun, action and accepting. We are a gift community, whereby if someone is in need, their needs are met. Exchange occurs on many levels, each being a gift of love from one to another. As a group, we work together to realise our dreams and the dreams of our creator for us and our earth. When we work, people offer their skills, talents and interests to further the creation of the community. These gifts are offered in many ways, including the teaching of life skills, wisdom of the elders, innovations and inventions, practical projects, artistic expressions, story telling and celebrations. Owning our truths, our communication and our commitment lead us to a living space of effectiveness and efficiency. A peace forum to resolve conflict, lead by our wisest is offered to those who wish it.

Living in harmony with our earth brings a way of being which is sacred and healthy. Nourishing and supporting her requires gift energy too. To nourish the soils, keep water ways clean, encourage the presence of wildlife, waste minimally, enhancing the forest, requires us to live in certain ways. Our homes will be built from the earth or recycled items, our energy will be created by us, our water systems will be recycled, our foods whole and organic and grown by us, and pool cars will provide us with transport in and out of town.

Being a community of young to elder, of diverse talents and interests, of various spiritual paths, our village will be reflective of all we give and want. We will build a village of cluster homes according to the dictation of the land. We will create the facilities to meet our dreams. To date these include a community centre with a kitchen and stage for our entertainment and visitors, a school for our children, information technology services for communications and sacred spaces for our ceremonies. The arts hold great value for many of us; live theatre, live music, dancing, slow food, costumes, sewing, writing, gardening, painting and decorating, are some of the ways which we’ll share ourselves and have fun. This picture is not complete… as it is missing your dreams!

So write to us, soon, often, with gusto and passion……


The Etherion story so far is described in the unpublished article below. The article was objecting to a style of reporting describing nightmarish catastrophes (in Living Now) with the only "solution" offered being go see your politician(!). Further below are the original notes from 2007.
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################################################################ 2nd Draft Dec08
Eco-Villages and Anastasia's "Truth" about rising seas

If the "Truth" about rising seas (see Living Now November 2008) is as stipulated by, then the vast majority of mankind is asleep, oblivious to changes to come. Do we resist change, ignore it, or in fact change our consciousness & simply adapt to what is natural & inevitable?

Change is nothing to be feared, it is merely evolution. "Truth" is of course a relative term. Mitch Battros calls this "Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise", discrediting Al Gore's mission as an attempt to secure funding for countless interest groups pedalling carbon credits. He cites the Sun as the principal cause of global warming, also "confirming" Alaskan glaciers are growing in the last year's global cooling.

End-time prophecies right now are literally coming out of our ears, both prophetic & scientific, capitalising on a frenzy of disaster scenarios building a hypnotic focus similar to that of television, instant-gratification media & advertising. But not terribly different to successive generations that, through self-importance, consider THEIR generation as the one experiencing "End Times". We could even label the Planet Extinction information given by the media as irresponsible as it offers no real solutions to an impending crisis, either paralysing the population or motivating with fear & inevitable panic. They would say, "but science says this & that", but then science is just another religion that erroneously claims access to "The Truth", hardly the Truth when you consider how many times physics has changed its views on matter & reality & continues to do so, even science now admits one's beliefs affect the outcome of the experiment!

In stark contrast, the Anastasia/Ringing Cedars book series emerging and proliferating from Russia without any regular publicity whatsoever, acknowledges the doomsday scenarios, and their origins, but presents a model for change, not just in location, but attitudes, practicalities and mindset as well. Perhaps with a collective change of consciousness we can even prevent the rising seas! Anastasia is a recluse that rarely ventures from her Siberian glade, yet she knows far more about our world than we do of ours or hers, as well as our historic and pre-historic past, and future as well. Please read on!

Anastasia's model, or "God's Plan", for Russians (& for all humanity) rejects our Westernised model in favour of the State awarding each family one hectare of land surrounded by other one hectare plots with access corridors between, perpetual living (not dead) fences, quarter of this a woodlot of huge harvest potential, orchards, gardens, natural housing & a pond per lot, much like a "permaculture" model. There are no taxes imposed on produce from each lot, & no need to "maximise production" with artificial poison chemical or fertilisers just for profit. This model eliminates the "poverty trap" of unemployment & dependence on government handouts & inevitable substance abuse, violence & crime as a consequence of aimlessness & disconnection with nature. Each lot is a "kin's domain" (asserted as the origin of "kings domain") that is passed on from generation to generation, the model can also be used to transform existing cities & their slum traps. If masses of people are to move due to rising seas (even this is an assumption), Australia for example has huge areas of marginal land (much is currently "cattle country") that can be intensively, lovingly transformed into oases of living gardens that are self-fertilising the way nature intended.

But who cares of the confusing debate about where Global Warming (or not) comes from, & whether this is at all significant, it remains obvious we are overloading natural systems through exploitation alone. Anastasia provides a guiding principle:

Water & Professions =
"WATER will prove to be the criterion, the measure of all things. Every day that passes, water seethes with more & more contamination. And the air becomes more difficult to breathe......I beg of you, people, change your professions just as soon as you can - all those professions which bring hurt to the Earth, to the great work of the Creator." Anastasia b3p193

Anastasia cites that it is Collective Consciousness that creates our reality, & this includes creating weather patterns and earth changes. Quoting a 1980s book by Aussie locals Ron & Jill Anderson:

"If a country has militant, corrupt, strong or insensitive leaders, then that is not the fault of those leaders. Such people, even the tyrants, are manifested (even voted in) by the combined expectations of the people." Mind Over Matter p163. Also "People as a mass do create weather patterns as they require them....You can personally direct your own involvement in these events but remember, there will always be weather." Mind Over Matter p96

Even Hitler was a manifestation of mass consciousness, his pre-life plan very painful indeed but serving the mindset of the People. Thus we have a Co-Creation correlation with Anastasia:

Co-Creation =
"If a single individual wanted a second sun to flare up in the sky it would not appear. Things are arranged this way so that planetary catastrophes do not happen. But if everybody together wanted a second sun, it would, magnetic storms, high & low pressure - these are all subject to will & conscious awareness." Anastasia b1p173

Prophecies then drive the collective consciousness, if we allow them to:

Prophecies =
"Who's producing darkness & hell?"
"Prophets who believe in & talk about the end of the world - they themselves are producing visualisations of the end of the world. The whole mass of teachings foretelling the ultimate doom of mankind, are hastening the day with their visualisations. There are a lot of them, a whole lot of them. And these people have no idea, while they seek salvation for themselves & search for the Promised Land, that a hell is being prepared specifically for them." Anastasia b2p143

Prophets & Nostradamus =
"Woe unto you, prophets.....terrifying people with doom & hell's flaming judgement.....Woe unto you, Nostradamus! The dates of fearful cataclysms upon Earth were not so much your divinations as the creations of your own thought......still frightening people with your prophecies of despair, but now they will no longer come true." Anastasia b3p194

But prophecies or predictions are just that, they are NOT the future! They might be a likely future, but in many cases very unlikely unless we focus COLLECTIVELY on the OUTCOME! (for example rising seas). Again we have a correlation with Mind Over Matter p144: "The terms 'fate' and 'destiny' are rather insidious....Believe you are at the hands of fate, and you surely will be. A fate manufactured continuously BY will sweep and carry you along if you let it or believe that it can." We are also influenced by channelled information, various divinations and inner inquiry. Does this provide access to the "Truth"? :

Mediums =
"They are not granted a bodily existence, so they attempt to oppress the human soul & occupy another's body. They act on Man's mind, his sense of self-importance & his fear of the unknown......there are a multitude of sources of sound on all sides, all of them claiming to be Truth & trying to control your mind & will, to make your life suit their own purposes, but you are free to listen to them or not. You are free to decide, with nobody to blame but yourself." Anastasia b3p163

Horoscopes =
"You believe in your complete dependence on the position of the planets. This belief has been attained through the aid.....of the dark forces.....leading you away from a conscious awareness of the truth.....Man has been granted great freedom - to choose between the darkness & the light." Anastasia b1p172

But for Truth without interference =
"What helps us tell whether the voice we hear is a good voice? After all, everyone that hears voices thinks they are listening only to the Supreme Mind." "When you hear more than just words. When suddenly there is a flash of feeling or emotion in the soul & tears of joy in your eyes......When you feel within yourself the impulse or urge to co-create & a thirst for purification, you may be sure that you are clearly hearing the thoughts of Light. When it is simply cold information that comes, an order or command, even one that talks about good - perhaps it seems wise, even very wise, and the originating source claims to be supreme and very powerful - know this: it is not good that is hiding behind good, but an entity not accorded a place in perfection that is trying to persuade you to follow it for its own purposes." b3p190

Anastasia herself, while holding back the forces of Darkness, delaying global catastrophes of 1992 (& 2002 ? What of 2012?) says she cannot do this alone:

Global Disaster =
"There are all sorts of people all over the world who are working against global disaster. The 1992 catastrophe did not happen mainly thanks to the Russian dachniks." (dachniks - 35 million russian families who own & intensively cultivate plots of land far too small for mechanised production, thereby escaping commercial exploitation). Anastasia b2p54

Earth Sensitivity =
"Millions of pairs of human hands began touching the Earth with love. With their HANDS, you understand, not a bunch of mechanical contraptions. Russians touched the ground caressingly on these little dacha plots. And the Earth felt the touch of each individual hand. The Earth may be big, but it is very, very sensitive. And the Earth found the strength within itself to carry on." Anastasia b5p20

There were PLENTY of prophecies & predictions of global catastrophe for 1992, people ran for the hills & large food drops were stored, reportedly rotted ages ago. Edmund Harold's Vision Tomorrow was a notable 1980s example, citing our "blindly following Mammon into the era of mass production." p199. But this book urged its readers to analyse their destructive thought patterns, I & perhaps millions of others began a daily vigil of healing light encircling the planet, concluding with "Let us HEAL THE EARTH - for our continued existence depends on it."

Does it become obvious or can it at least be accepted from above that it is CONSCIOUSNESS and BELIEFS that create our reality? And that if we are not careful about what we choose to focus on, we could very well bring on precisely what we are attempting avoid? Just over one year ago, our "spiritual" group that had studied Conversations with God books with many related studies of Mind Over Matter, Ramtha material, Eckhardt Tolle Power of Now and more, began a quest to launch an eco-village community for ourselves to address the effects of impending massive ecological change (and inevitable shortages of common commoditities). The "catalyst" to get us moving were not just the ecology, but a flurry of end-time predictions & prophecy that included impending doom, much the same as referenced above. Perhaps I/we have been "tricked" into taking some action like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick, but I am grateful for this otherwise we would not have even contemplated any such change, continuing the suburban "dream" (or nightmare), treading the mill endlessly for illusory dollars we cannot eat and for what we buy is increasingly either poisoned or genetically modified.

For some, fear was the catalyst, but for myself, and others, a vision was born, it was already in our consciousness (for literally DECADES) to create a new way of life that nurtured not only ourselves, but the Earth as well. Our Spiritual Cinema (see, meanwhile, had presentations of organic/permaculture farming, biodynamics, Agnihotra fire ceremony, the devastating "Walmart" (and other mega-commercial corporate developments) phenoneman, taboo extra-terrestrial investigations and crop-circles, alternative and conventional power generation and a lot more you wouldn't see at regular cinemas nor on television.

Some 8 years ago I exited the Corporate world after a very satisfying and rewarding 30 year career in electronics engineering, not because the work wasn't leading edge and exciting and very well paid with travel and fabulous mega-budget conditions, but because it was literally consuming my entire life, leaving virtually no room for spirituality and ecological awareness and practice. I even created (and took on) the role of Environmental Officer in two multi-national organisations and despite overwhelming management and staff support it became obvious that the talk of change was merely that, just talk. My mission to "save the world" was collapsing! What helped clinch the decision to exit was after doing a half-hour presentation on the ecology that amazingly turned into a 3 hour debate, where even the president & vice-president of the company happened to be in town from overseas and attended and debated, they collectively concluded that the solution to all of Mankind's problems was (ugh) Nuclear Power !!!

Soon after we created the Magpie House Wholistic Centre in Victoria with a mission to satisfy Body, Mind, Spirit and Belly (with an integrated vegetarian cafe as well as yoga school, natural therapies and a Spiritual Cinema) amongst an incredible series of synchronicities & "coincidences" that boggle the mind. The banks & credit unions refused to lend us money for this project as I no longer had a "real" job (self-employed as a Yoga instructor) despite significant assets. 3 weeks prior to the unconditional settlement and very short on cash, I virtually gave up on selling a small investment property, called the agent and he asked me what "terms" I required. I said 2 week settlement, remarkably, the very next day he called and had signed up an un-heard of 2-week unconditional sale at a very good price! This was one of many magical moments, that acknowledged the statement "Your life is a magic trick, & you are the magician." Communion with God, Neale Donald Walsh.

Here is the vision, or Invocation, we created for the Etherion (Divine in Greek) eco-village group:

Of Orderly Dis-Order
Of exquisite beauty & culinary abundance
Of wide open expanse contrasting intensive horticulture
Companions of towering fertility & bushes of bountiful profusion.

Interlaced with populace of laughter & liesure
Interchanged with joyful labour & exertion
Shortest to tallest & all diversity
Fresh youth to wisdom of elders.

Reciprocating elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether
Co-existing with technological marvels

Pockets of multitudinal dwellings merged in the landscape
Privacy assured conjoined with areas of communal gathering

Harmonised with cycles of the seasons
Correlating life cycles of birth, growth, activity, rest & passing on

Gatherings involving Dialogue
Practicing Suspension of Judgement, Listening Intently
Identifying one's Assumptions and Inquiry & Reflection

Web of Life revealed by Microscopic soil investigation
A birds eye landscape view of complex interrelationships
Living systems from micro to macro
Interdependence of localised communities viewed from the sky
Trade routes forming a collective web
A harmonious global perspective of green, white & blue
Revealing the curvature of the Earth.

From planets to galaxies encompassed by the One Mind of God
Circulating in cycles like vibration of atoms
Matter unfolding & enfolding
Contemplated by our circle of communal gathering
Immersed in the joyful mystery
Following our hearts
Making the unknown, known.

After setting ourselves a tough criteria, our search for Land naturally began from the internet, and it was obvious that we had to view all of the interesting choices with our own eyes. Despite my personal quest to stay local, the local interests simply failed the criteria over and over again. The choice areas were already highly sub-divided and expensive, very bushfire prone and shockingly sandy poor soils around much of the High Country, and not terribly good elevation (one of our toughest criteria). The southern state local weather is cold, wet and miserable in winter (difficult to work building projects for example), and scorchingly hot and dry in summer. Remarkable that southern states have far hotter peaks in summer than northern states, where the wet season is in the summer months just where you need it, greatly alleviating bushfire danger in summer and permitting cool and dry workable conditions in winter.

Other areas were heavily interlaced with fault lines from incredibly detailed imagery maps and geophysical data largely accessible free on the Web. Yes, we were still in an "Earth Changes" scenario mode and to some extent still are, not fearfully, but as a pre-caution for what can still occur. Cutting a very long story very short, after travelling in groups some 10,000 kilometres to multiple locations, we settled on an elevated not-so-northern Tablelands location of ideal climate and adequate remoteness and accessibility to commercial centres. Following more synchronicities of a property that was "sold" on us months before and then magically wasn't, we purchased, in May 2008, a fabulous 1734-acre property of great diversity with a balance of wilderness, two water-course gorges, and an open plateau of rich soil, precisely to our tough criteria and specifications, and a lot more. Magic Again!

We also researched exhaustively communities here in Australia and around the world, meeting with some and securing some very valuable advice including "don't do the hippie thing!" from still hippie-collectives, seeking to find a model and structure for our Community. Some months later, we "discovered" the Anastasia books with some remarkable revelations of integrating ourselves to nature and spirituality as a model for creating the paradise that already exists in our psyche.

Remarkably, this 1734 acres is very much identical with an Anastasia's Garden 1750 acre "motherland" in northern California, see . The elevation must be similar (ours 1100m with occasional snow), so is the grass colour (but we do have lots more trees). Very next door to theirs is an abundant and lush organic fruit and vegetable farm boasting apples, melons, broccoli and strawberries, testimony to the potential of marginal lands, whereas we're largely surrounded by sheep and cattle farms and some large stands of eucalypt timber.

What an incredible (and sometimes painful) roller-coaster of personalities, fearful responses and indecision we've encountered on our journey so far, some of which we are now grateful to be without, clearing the way for passionate co-creation without so many individualistic tendencies. Again, returning to Anastasia, below are some major elements that for many are obstacles to creating a paradise in their lives, listed here as exercise (or let's say work ethic and self-importance or self-neglect), drugs and alcohol, and money:

Exercise =
"As for the deep knee are altogether negligent in taking care of your body. At least you will be getting some exercise whenever you withdraw money.....never mind if it looks a little funny. It means you will find yourself free from the sin of pride." Anastasia b1p178

Alcohol & Dachnik Day Holiday =
"Let's drink to the Earth, let's drink to love!" "Vladimir, please let there be no alcoholic poison on the table.....Well, since you have your mind set on it, let there be some wine from berries, but this must be imbibed in very small sips." "All right, wine it is, then. Just so as not to change our habits all at once." Anastasia b2p59

Money =
"The forces of darkness are proud of this invention. They even think themselves stronger than the forces of light for having come up with money. And for being able to use money to distract people from their true purpose." Anastasia b1p133

Our Tablelands "piece of paradise", the northern Californian Anastasia's Garden, and the bare Siberian Taiga, seem to have some common characteristics. They're all marginal lands, "wastelands" even, brown sun-baked grass and cool to cold winters with some snowfall at least. These are ideal and ripe for transformation, once diversely (not monocultured) cultivated, these hand-assisted natural eco-systems recycle their own nutrients and are no longer marginal, nor wasteland. Why disturb areas of natural diversity, just because they are lush or tropical? Both northern tropical or southern temperate rainforest, may seem attractive but upsets rather than enhances the diversity of life. And we didn't favour being too close to the coast either, for other reasons. Another synchronicity occured when a mainstream geologist came to an early meeting. After hearing our debates for a couple of hours, I asked him, are we mad? He replied, no way, you are spot on, and gave a detailed lecture on tectonic plate movements, their occurence from his own knowledge, and how the most stable lands on the planet include the Tablelands.

Does that mean we should all then pursue a mass exodus from the cities, leaving behind the devastating mess we have created? No! Again, Anastasia provides the wisdom that we ought to "clean up our own backyard" first:

Exodus or Not =
"When a person who creates dirt around himself comes to a clean place, he pollutes that place with his very presence. You need to clean up the place you've been polluting first......Conscious awareness is the point of departure, for any venture......People who go live in the forest are no more significant than the dachniks who plant gardens on desolate, abandoned land with their own hands.....There should not be a sudden transition from one base to another - a gradual movement is needed, & it is already taking place. It is splendid, & it will be even more splendid in the future." Anastasia b3p166

The Anastasia guidelines & model for eco-communities are currently being explored for our Etherion eco-village community initiative. YOU are invited to participate in this grand adventure, please see the website. My greatest source of wisdom for this transition comes from the "books of the 20th Century", now comparable to the Anastasia/Ringing Cedar series. Carlos Castaneda quotes Don Juan:

"Be prepared for the worst, but don't hurry or panic. We don't have any time, yet we're surrounded by eternity. What a paradox for our reason!" Tales of Power adapted p226

George Neo owns the Yogaplex Yoga School, & with partner Christine established the Magpie House Wholistic Centre in Upwey Victoria in 2005, saving & restoring a grand & derelict heritage building from demolition. Originally the 1920s Magpie Cafe & Guesthouse, it has the perfect name representing harmony & balance, the union of two opposites that are equal, allowing only those who understand the balance of the Universal laws & teachings to venture through. Their latest initiative is the Etherion Eco-Village community. See .

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IT'S TIME TO WALK THE TALK, to live simply, so that others can simply live.


Meetings Friday evenings 7pm at Magpie House

Please consider a chance to join this start-up community. Attributes include:
1734 acres.
No subdivision, you own ALL the community no matter how small your contribution.
Multi-community interaction, other similar lots available as numbers grow.
Self-sufficiency in a remote location.
Temperate & fertile environment.
Material contribution can be sold subject to purchaser group approval.
Privacy assured & communal areas.

Shares are offered to join Intentional Communities currently purchasing land. This is a once-only offer, we are planning infrastructure as of now & that late entries may not be possible, no matter WHAT happens. Balance of contributions determine your deposit toward a trust fund. Documented guidelines loosely align with community links.
Your incentive for joining our community would include =

1. A passion for shared community living.

2. Acknowledging a massive increase in environmental degradation eg 2005 Greenland ice melt is already at 2040 levels, recently arctic temperatures soared to 22C where the long-term average is only 7C. Severe shortages are inevitable as ports become inaccessible to shipping. A frenzy of higher land purchase may occur with rising sea levels.

3. Acknowledging that our tiny personality-based egos cannot be a source of guidance for harmony with the Earth, we are a spirit inhabiting a body & not the other way around, & that divinely inspired material can show us the way.

4. Compulsory attendance at a weekly community gathering so that we can Commune rather than fall into Anarchy.

5. A non-denominational Yogic Lifestyle will be encouraged & practiced. Other denominations shall be totally acceptable as they are all from the same source.

Nightmarish environmental degradation we need not tell you about. What may NOT be obvious are scientific reports that indicate the massive re-distribution of melted ice weight could trigger major earthquakes, volcanoes & tectonic plate movement (see ). Recently, the Cold War re-surfaced & Australia is opting for a "doomsday option" with proliferation of nuclear material worldwide.

Below are a number of divinely inspired transmissions or channelings that seem to be converging at this time. Do ask for more information any time, but it's up to YOU to make a change of consciousness & let go of material & career interests. Please note this is NOT a flight response inviting a life-&-death struggle, but a joyous pursuit where we focus on a future vision of the world & then work backwards. As with highly evolved indigenous cultures, we endeavour to plan SEVEN generations ahead (ref The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, Thomas Hartmann). If you focus just on personal survival, you may create yourself a living hell, but with a vision that spans generations quality of life & personal survival are assured.

Do yourself & family a favour, there may not be much time. Choose a lifestyle that doesn't depend on outside utilities, get rid of that mortgage that forces you to demand high wages, where food is not poisoned for the sake of profit, where whole populations are aneasthetised with chlorine & fluoride water without permission, where our children are taught values rather than propaganda "facts".

Personally I'm not sure what to make of the material below or whether to believe it, but the convergence does seem ominous. If we take this step, well, no real harm done, but if we don't the consequences could be unimaginable. Perhaps this is all a divine "trick" to push us into changing our lifestyles where six or seven star energy rated housing is not enough as it's still modelled on suburbia (remember the oil depletion based "End of Suburbia" dvd?). Findhorn Ecovillage and Ecovillage at Ithaca communities demonstrate that quality of life is not dependent on levels of material consumption. Findhorn in particular was founded on divinely inspired information channelled through Eileen Caddy. I challenge you to explore commentaries on her book "God Spoke to Me".


Archangel Michael from the angelic realm
thru Tony in Olinda Vic Oct 2007
My Dear Friends
now that you have set a direction
your prayers have been answered
there is much to be done
things will start to move quickly
from there there is no turning back
for once you move forward there is no turning back
there is only going forward in your concept of time
there'll be much more happiness with the progression
so real action can be taken
for when real action is taken
you can move to new HEIGHTS!!!
from the heights it can be more advantageous
see more clearly in all sorts of manner
a community will grow it will blossom bigger than you ever imagine
that's why size of land so important
make fast preparations on monumental scale
for when the times change
there will be a lot involved but it is manageable with preparation
.....due to high winds it will not be safe over ground, only underground to survive
there will be many large projectiles flying around

Paraphrased/summarised from Ramtha's address to Aus July 2007.
.....your guides won't save you
but your Neural Net will....
.....Earth is going to react like YOU would
Atlantis will be revealed under Antartic Ice
Ocean rise 200ft by 2011, begins 2008 with catastrophic worldwide coastal event
.....Aus one of the few places with good news
But still have to dig hole in ground
Higher into mountains the greater the survival rate
Waters will override the planet
Wind velocity cannot be tolerated
.....You are forgotten Gods, to do nothing ensures your destruction
Your mind stuck in your personality so is tiny
Can't even hold your focus to manifest a card
What will do you have to hold back a Tidal Wave? food with all the foolish money - drugs, parties, silly foods
& for 1 year Take all this entertainment & put it towards your future
.....Financial systems will be in ruin THIS year (2007)
A kinship of beings from other times/places have been waiting for this
There will be systems & people that will dazzle to heal the planet
Let this occur, it needs to happen.....

Orion transmission August 2007
.....when you permit and even take part in the systematic destruction of Nature, it shall fall upon you the fruits of your actions. Should those actions be of a positive healing nature, Nature's harvest will be rich in abundance and peace. Should those actions be against her, she will rally to protect her own. As we have many times stated, she will call upon the winds of such force no man has yet seen. She will bring down mountains to humble humankind to its knees. She will reign supreme in the end, but not until after rains of destruction, earthquakes and tidal waves, and poor harvests upon the land, and droughts which cause grave danger to the landscape, and floods so horrific as to dislodge earth and cause landslides and tremendous property losses.....We find it shocking to imagine a civilization so out of control as this has become. We nod in agreement with those whose lives are spent tirelessly lobbying for greater awareness of Nature and respect for her sovereignty.....this planet has a great role in the future of the universe. We see that the importance in preserving and sanctifying planet Earth is now high. We must make greater effort, as human beings increase their efforts.....Truly, it is a wondrous planet, with a great deal of purity and Grace still present. The darkness has not shadowed this planet completely, though the blanket of injustice and fear spreads slowly over her. We see the Light as being greater than the darkness, and therefore, we move ever so resolutely with those of you who are drawn to truth and to equality, toward the Light.

The Beacons of Light - Message from a pregnant planet Oct 2007
.....we do not need to lecture you on how to live in harmony with the Earth. There are technologies already developed that can help you to do that. The timing is becoming critical that humans embrace and popularize the idea of working in harmony with this planet. You are moving faster than she can keep up with, especially in her delicate condition. There are danger signs growing faster than you know. There are problems now about to reach critical levels. This simply means that you that you have prodded her too many times and she must now protect herself.
.....It is no secret that the oil industry is set on self-preservation even at the cost of the Earth herself.....there is a time when you physically will run out of oil and it is coming sooner than you think. This is an action that will be taken by the Earth herself to protect her unborn child. We do not typically make predictions but we tell you, this is a warning: People of Earth, now is the time to embrace your mother and remember your connection. will happen somewhere inside the Ring of Fire, most likely in the water. Those things will start to trigger changes on your Earth which will show you that the process has begun. That is the evolution of Earth and that is the time you want to be in full harmony with her because she will take care of you at every cost.
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MEETING MINUTES for March 2008 =

Attendees = Jamie, Thomas, George, Christine, Katherine, Rami, Arlene
Early attendance only = Lincoln, Josh, Estelle, Gary, Jayne
Apologies = Graham & Claudia, Bronwyn, Pauline & Peter, Tony & Vesna, John
Overseas = Michelle & Paul, Gilda & Juan
All others we just don't know. Do respond!

1. Planet X video - fact or fiction?
Made many assumptions ("ifs"), but was later adamant on how things will be. Pro-military & pro-government, perhaps opportunistic or perhaps entirely candid & probable cataclysmic scenario. Don't really know, but it looks too polished.

2. Latest food & commodity price trends.
Wheat, Soybean, Oil, Corn, Milk, Cheese, Butter & Gold graphs shows sharp increases, some cross-checked with Planet Ark environmental news items.

3. Last chance food co-op buy, pros & cons.
29 x 20 litre buckets of a variety of foods/seeds at $1600, considering price trends we'd be crazy not to consider. Alternatively, Arlene/Jayne today had an $800 food drop organised locally, prices seem to be comparable. Personally I'd like to avoid all the hard work & buy the pre-packaged Marc Eagle Eyes drop close to the Tablelands location. Can YOU afford to let this opportunity go? Arlene now has to unpackage & then re-package virtually the whole shipment, being mindful of "use-by" dates on flimsy packaging, whereas Eagle Eyes has already done this with food-grade nitrogen displacing oxygen for very long term storage. see

4. Size of Units for the Trust & minimum buy.
10k might be too large for some, but 1k amounts might be ridiculously trivial. Or insist on say minimum 3 units 2k each, or just set amount to 5k.

5. Size of initial Trust.
Min 350k Prefer 500k to allow significant infrastructure projects & machinery. Perhaps 400k is reachable in initial offer.
Supplementary Agenda = Open & market the community to Ramtha students, considering contacts to Janine & Ramtha Video weekend next month at Magpie House.

Agenda not yet covered =

6. Don't have any cash? Strategy for this.
### Ramtha has a suggestion for this = "You buy food with all the foolish money - drugs, parties, silly foods & for 1 year Take all this entertainment & put it towards your future", doesn't apply to everyone but I still get yoga students who "can't afford" a $120 term, but travel interstate &/or overseas on the same breath. Would house sharing help? What assets can be sold? Any other ideas?

7. Who owns a newly constructed building?
### Technically this is owned by the Trust, despite who paid for it. But living rights can be assigned to the "owner-builder", or with Trust approval, they could be paid in additional Trust units. One cannot just build anything, it must be both Council/Shire & Trust approved, to make sure it enhances rather than de-values the Trust. What other communities do when someone sells = Building can be sold either to the Trust, or someone buying into the Trust (both would have to be approved by the Trust), or the building is packed up & taken away.

8. Exit scenarios.
### A person leaving may wish to redeem their investment or sell their units. The Trust has first buying option, but if it doesn't wish to buy, the units can be sold outside of the Trust. The buyer however, must be approved by the Trust. If the units cannot be sold then the person leaving retains ownership without residence.

9. Travel plans & initial site survey.
### April or 2008 may be good time for as many as possible to travel together for at least 2 weeks, an important planning step for the initial group. Housing is of course interim & may include tents or caravans as well as the 3 bedroom house. The initial site survey forms the basis of what, where, how, who & when the area can be developed. Bring your slashers, scythes etc, we could do with our own hand-powered straw-baler.

10. Who can shift immediately & who can't.
### Caretakers would be asked to shift permanently or in shifts as there is advantage in having someone resident at all times. There are at least 3 couples in the current group that don't seem to have particular ties in terms of employment that could be supported by the group. Houses down south could be rented out & easily provide for living expenses. Volunteers are called for or nominate others if you think they qualify.

11. Food storage shed.

12. Shelters.

13. Community Building.

14. Permaculture gardening, dams.

15. Water storage.

16. Publicity (Cinema & Ramtha weekend etc).

17. Work Ethic

18. Discipline & "code of conduct"

19. Expulsion where necessary.

20. Protection

21. Levy

22. <<< more >>>

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Community Invocation Author - The Group!

Of Orderly Dis-Order
Of exquisite beauty & culinary abundance
Of wide open expanse contrasting intensive horticulture
Companions of towering fertility & bushes of bountiful profusion.

Interlaced with populace of laughter & liesure
Interchanged with joyful labour & exertion
Shortest to tallest & all diversity
Fresh youth to wisdom of elders.

Reciprocating elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Ether
Co-existing with technological marvels

Pockets of multitudinal dwellings merged in the landscape
Privacy assured conjoined with areas of communal gathering

Harmonised with cycles of the seasons
Correlating life cycles of birth, growth, activity, rest & passing on

Gatherings involving Dialogue
Practicing Suspension of Judgement, Listening Intently
Identifying one's Assumptions and Inquiry & Reflection

Web of Life revealed by Microscopic soil investigation
A birds eye landscape view of complex interrelationships
Living systems from micro to macro
Interdependence of localised communities viewed from the sky
Trade routes forming a collective web
A harmonious global perspective of green, white & blue
Revealing the curvature of the Earth.

From planets to galaxies encompassed by the One Mind of God
Circulating in cycles like vibration of atoms
Matter unfolding & enfolding
Contemplated by our circle of communal gathering
Immersed in the joyful mystery
Following our hearts
Making the unknown, known.

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Me and Paul wrote a invocation:-
This is our community, our sanctuary, our home
Our place of stability and mindfulness
We work together with nature, the environment with thoughtfulness and care.
We cultivate our crops as well as our minds
Our sanctuary is a reflection of wisdom from our hearts and mind
We live with natural diversity that is harmonious and balanced
With different philosophies and beliefs that shall never divide us
Acknowledging the interconnectedness of all that is
Our home is a manifestation of our highest vision.
Its a light of compassion to all sentient beings.
Much love, Michelle

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Spirit Guidelines / Code of Conduct

1. Be able to admit we know very little so we can aspire to make the unknown known.
Those who "know it all" place themselves & others in the greatest peril.
Knowledge is just data. It needs to be applied to gain wisdom.
Divinely inspired material increases our knowledge data base such as the 8 limbs of Yoga (not just exercise) or modern data such as Conversations with God (CwG) material.
Balance intellect with intuition. Both study & meditate, physically & mentally.

2. Eradicate self-importance. Stop wasting our precious energy feeling offended by the deeds & misdeeds of our fellow men.
The outside world is merely a reflection of our inner self. Blame therefore outside ourselves is merely self-criticism, be grateful for indiscretions & take responsibility when things go wrong, know you have attracted the conditions.
Allow others their own opinions, even if opposed to our own. Listen intently to another without judgement & admit that you disagree if necessary without annoyance nor anger.

3. Admit that this is not real, it's an illusion, a game we play that allows us to evolve. It gets damned real when we forget this & get lost in the illusion.

4. Daily practice, guided or not, physical, mental & energetic.
Take responsibility for your physical, mental & emotional self so that you are a useful member of the Community.
Classes will be offered freely, just as everyone will have offerings to share.
Heed the advice of not-doing, not expecting reward for contribution & service.
Act just for the hell of it.
If it seems you're getting a raw deal, certainly raise this in the Community Circle.

5. Compulsory attendance weekly in a Community Circle.
What's the point of a Community if we do not commune?
Do not dominate the group, rather encourage everyone to contribute equally if possible.
Consider that EVERYONE in the group has pearls of wisdom to share.
Emphasize the highest attributes of everyone, regardless of your personal opinions of individuals.
If there are rules, respect them, do not step over boundaries.
Be punctual. Anarchy is fine with everyone doing what pleases them, but is defined as Lawless Confusion.
One person at a time to speak, do not interrupt till they are finished.
By the same token, stay relevant to the topic & avoid stories, stick to personal experience.
Starting satellite conversations is disrespectful to the one speaking, avoid this.

6. Rules & compulsory admonitions are only necessary in a primitive society. Admit that perhaps we are not quite "highly evolved" & therefore subject to regulation although we can strive to minimise this.
"Do not do what you want, then you may do what you like." - Yogananda

7. The only way to avoid obsessive behaviour is to laugh, particulary at oneself. Have a sense of humour & spirit, be En-Light-ened. Self pity, physical, mental or environmentally induced, is obsessive behaviour reeking of self-importance. Accept the challenge of your circumstances & find ways to ride above these conditions merely by changing focus. On the other hand, have compassion for those struggling to rise above their condition (without feeling sorry for anyone!).

8. The Group Motivation is one of Love & Joy, NOT Fear. We are NOT inviting a life-&-death struggle, but a provisional retreat from a monster rearing its ugly head before it dies.

Contribution guidelines

1. If you have cash, offer it as a share of ownership of community infrastructure.

2. Shares can be sold, but only to those approved by the Group.

3. The Community is not there to be subdivided, despite shared ownership.

4. Don't assume that in the future selling a share would be for cash.

5. If you have sellable assets now, you may be advised to sell these in order to contribute cash. In order to ease your conscience of "blood money" you could state your beliefs particularly about the area to move out of.

6. If you have no cash, no assets of much value nor have many possessions this does not necessarily exclude you. The "old paradigm" share ownership need not be part of your contribution. You may instead be required to pay rent!

7. In the existing paradigm some contributing members may still retain wages & salary away from the community. Non-cash contributing members may shift directly to the property to involve themselves in shelter construction. Local work may be an option to meet monetary obligations.

8. The Community ought to consider ways to generate cash from produce or crafts.

9. Don't worry if it seems an individual is NOT contributing either in cash nor labour nor spirit. You may be surprised how much people will want to contribute when they are inspired.

10. If an individual chooses to be out of harmony with the group citing material priorities without contribution, they will be a source of amusement in our Circle & be given all they demand & want regardless, until they are cured of this condition.

11. Providing a rampant individual is not causing any harm, they need not be restrained in any way.

12. Counselling will be available in our group. If a person is considered to have a personality disorder stemming from say childhood traumas they will be advised to attend counselling.

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Letter to Virgin Corporate / Richard Branson

Dear Richard,

Responding to your request making this world a better place (re: Business Stripped Bare).
* What your product or service idea is:
One of the world's under-used resources are: it's people. They are replaced by mechanised production, which require VAST resources to implement, & are NOT renewable, whereas people & associated animals are. Chemicals & pesticides with monoculture replace the healthful balance of nature's diversity, which only serves to destroy living soil & poison the population. Even plants (& humans) require dozens & dozens of minerals, "superphosphate" only provides 4 of these, showing abundant & bloated harvest initially, but then we ingest the stress the plants & soil are subjected to.
The other under-used resource is LOVE, working WITH nature instead of against her. People are herded into cities, in order to earn "income" to pay a mortgage, are totally disconnected from nature, struggling to make ends meet due to intense competition, & when income eludes them they are given welfare which totally disempowers them, ensuring the poverty "trap". Half their income is taxed, whereas the elite, which represent a tiny, tiny portion of the population, hardly pay ANY tax.
How to tap this vastly under-used co-creative resource? Take, say, 200 hectares of marginal "wasteland" (any mono-cultured area or cleared livestock country, at the cost of just ONE inner-suburban house), give 100 family units (free of charge if necessary) one hectare each (two or more hectares in Australia's harsh environment), in one year's time they will be feeding themselves, in three year's time they will be selling abundant, chemical-free harvest. Each & every person becomes a Creator, the way Nature intended, rather than just the privileged few.
This dream, or vision of an eco-village is by far the most environmental step we can take for the planet. It is not at all like traditional eco-villages or communes or a kibbutz, where people are herded into close-quarters, conscripted to work a communal plot. Some work, others don't, resentment sets in & the whole thing fails. It is a "union of families" rather than "one big family", & so permits a union of opposites, preserving individuality & personal creativity amongst a co-creation. The model is interdependence, rather than dis-empowering dependence, nor isolating & lonely independence, where the most powerful force in the Universe, LOVE, can flourish (co-operation instead of competition).
The source of this grand vision is from another enterpreneur turned author, from Russia. Vladimir Megre has recently published a series of transformational books termed the Anastasia/Ringing Cedar series, 10 million sold without any regular publicity. It matters not whether Anastasia is real, it's the principles that count. Anastasia reveals lost Vedic civilisation (Vedruss) information that pre-dates the earth-aware Pagan civilisation, that makes our own technocratic money-enslaved culture look backward & primitive & ultimately destructive. Her mission is to prevent what usually happens to a "civilisation" out of control when the Earth seeks to protect itself - natural global catastrophe - by getting people back to their gardens & spirituality & nature. The Earth is very big but also very, very sensitive, & can feel each pair of hands lovingly working soil rather than the insanity of poisoned mechanised production.
Her concept is extremely simple - expressed as "give Russia back to the Russians!", that is, award each family just one hectare of land for perpetual use free of charge. Most Russians cannot afford such a piece of land, so they are being held to ransom, & yet it's THEIR land, & if not theirs then WHO is keeping it from them!? The concept has already expanded worldwide, & with the reluctance & momentum of governments, that's where individuals like you, Richard, can step in. There are many world-wide start-up groups starving for funding, & once clusters of domains are functional they become profitable after only a few years, with a startling projection that Russia would become the most affluent country in the World if this plan were adopted. Book 8 (The New Civilisation) features a projection of the secret private (!) owners of the US Federal Reserve transforming their empty billionaire lives in favour of one-hectare domains of gardens available to the common man. What could be more environmental than that?
There are two essential video shorts that support this vision, viewable on broadband video. The first is Greening the Desert, the second is The Story of Stuff. My own 30 year career of electronics engineering was a roller-coaster of disciplined focus & spectacular success, using these funds to establish a Wholistic Centre supporting Body, Mind, Spirit & Belly (yes, includes food), with a dramatic change of career as a yoga instructor. I can honestly say, if I neglect my yoga school too much while attempting to establish this eco-community alone, I could go broke. I'm not afraid to say, I could do with some help!

* How it fits with the Virgin brand:
Richard espouses “business has to give people enriching, rewarding lives, or it’s simply not worth doing.” I am not proposing Virgin "own" these settlements, simply sponsor them. Virgin can part-own the land & infrastructure, but if you do not give these people the right of perpetual ownership, with a right of inheritance, you destroy their motivation in creating a Space of Love. Once Virgin has profited (or otherwise) from the 100 or so families (paying back say $5,000 each instead of $500,000 each for the usual suburban un-productive 1/4-acre block & residence), then Virgin becomes the seed for another eco-adventure elsewhere. We can be "another Virgin-sponsored eco-community", or the first.
We are NOT anti-business & people will always travel & communicate. We are truly dazzled by Richard's entrepreneurship, & acknowledge that Business, is our Spirituality, Demonstrated. This is a fantastic opportunity for Virgin to balance purely profit motivation with what is good for the Spirit, & profit from it nonetheless using the most un-tapped resource on the planet.

* Which business sector your idea falls into:
The "increasingly" Health & Wellness sector & Travel & Tourism. Not just for the individual, but for the planet & for the whole of humanity. The International Network of Social Entrepreneurs is commendable, but does not empower the common man. In a settlement, everyone is an entrepreneur, everyone is equal, & everyone contributes to the common good from within their own domain.

* What stage of development your project has reached:
For our own eco-village, we already own 701 hectares, have established a Unit Trust so that shares can be traded easily (bought/sold or created as needed), under a co-operative constitution supporting a natural, co-operative lifestyle. Some 500 of these hectares are very rough country & so escaped the destruction of the natural environment, but with two natural gorges slicing through the landscape, the eco-tourism potential is fantastic. Funding for guest accomodation, a mega-litre dam & other infrastructure would be useful as most of the "keen" investors are still weighed down with mortgages despite their hard-working lives (we already have a homestead & a substantial off-grid power system). Purchasing the adjoining 520 hectare property would be a fabulous bonus as the entire area is cultivatable. It's well known that one cow requires around 5 hectares & feeds just one person, hence is advertised as "Estimated carrying capacity of 100 cows & calves" whereas 5 hectares of domains could feed & provide income to 5 families. Is it any wonder that the over-consumption of meat in Western countries is responsible for massive environmental problems & the starvation of millions around the world?
We have already established a rapport with the local shire council, so that they do not become alarmed at our activities. We are totally non-denominational & aim to support the local economy.

* What your involvement is, what role you would like to maintain:
We have our own "Space of Love" to create, have & will continue to provide the vision of the community. Accomodating guests, yoga school, festivals, establishing multi-communities. The principals of this adventure must live & breathe it, not from behind a desk but in the dirt so to speak.

* Why you are approaching Virgin and how you see Virgin becoming involved:
Great publicity potential for this & other eco-communities as opposed to more & more suburbia, Virgin has a philosophy of positive empowerment, great eco-tourism potential including environmental living displays, education courses in sustainable living with Virgin a world-leader. Role-model for billionaires (see the Billionaire chapter in book 8.1).

* What are the potential revenues and profits you see in year 3:
Guest accomodation & course revenues, produce sales. Many practitioners & craftspeople offering their services to a world-wide public.
The basic Ringing Cedars model is that each family unit can live on one hectare of land and be a completely self-sufficient, however these are surrounded by other family units comprising an eco-settlement. Each hectare grows a plot of permanent large trees, the entire perimeter is a living hedge of different kinds: pine, natives, fruit trees, climbers etc. Flowers and fruit trees are put in to attract bees as well, also growing vegetable, cereal crops & herbs.
For our 100 family domain example, each unit earns say from $50 to $1000 per week, or $5,000 to $100,000 per week for the community, or $250,000 to $5,000,000 per annum, 10% is the figure envisioned for general contribution or from $25,000 to $500,000 per annum. The extremes are perhaps unrealistic although may not be uncommon for individual domains.
Is it possible to exist on $50 per week income? Yes. There are virtually zero utility bills, travel is un-necessary, there's no mortgages & the food bill may not even exist due to food produce.
Is it possible to earn a sustained $1000 per week on a hectare? Perhaps not indefinitely, but on the other end of the scale is the harvest of 1/4 hectare of trees estimated at 400 tonnes of timber maturing after say 80 years (not harvested at once). Other cash crops, say cucumbers pickled or otherwise, over say 1/4 hectare has enormous produce potential, marketed as "Ringing Cedar Home Grown Organic", attracting a premium price.

This proposal has also been posted to the UK Virgin Management. See as an example of a UK group attempting to establish something similar with the constraint of available land.

This proposal has also been posted to the Asia-Pacific Virgin Management. See as an example of a UK group attempting to establish something similar with the constraint of available land.

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DRUGS & ALCOHOL EMAIL DEBATE January 2009 between George (myself) & D.
Emails below have a backward timeline (latest first). Excess details deleted & anonymous.

Hey, groovy in-depth reply, often it's "cold-turkey" so really appreciate the response, & what a response!
A 12-strong group in Vic discussed the drugs/alcohol query & reached the conclusion of "not part of the community" rather than an absolute ban. There is no way we are going to sit in people's living rooms & spy on them ingesting alcohol. But if it gets out of control & impacts on the life of others, then some action would need to be taken. The only "ban" I declared was (like you?) on myself, that I would "lead by example" & declare myself free of drugs & alcohol. Are you quite sure that my views are contradictory rather than open-minded?
An indigenous worker preferred the "total ban" idea as she has seen first-hand how alcohol devastates indigenous communities. Here are minutes to the meeting I wrote for June 30 2008, where I was quoted "Prohibition causes lots of problems" =

Personal health & responsibility was a major feature of the meeting, with the following reading from Conversations with God book 1 p189-192 that perhaps speaks to ALL of us =
" For God's sake, take better care of yourself.
You take rotten care of your body, paying it little attention at all until you suspect something's going wrong with it. You take better care of your car than you do of your body - & that's not saying much.
You do not exercise it, so it grows flabby & , worse yet, weak from non-use.
You do not nourish it properly, thereby weakening it further.
Then you fill it with toxins & poisons & the most absurd substances posing as food.
If you ever lit a cigarette in your life - much less smoked a pack a day for 20 years as you have - you have very little will to live. You don't care WHAT you do to your body.
< But I stopped smoking over 10 years ago! >
Only after 20 years of grueling physical punishment.
And if you've ever taken alcohol into your body, you have very little will to live.
< I drink very moderately. >
The body was not meant to intake alcohol. It impairs the mind.
< But Jesus took alcohol! He went to the wedding & turned water into wine! >
So who said Jesus was perfect?
< Oh, for God's sake. >
Say, are you becoming annoyed with me? "

DRUGS & ALCOHOL were the actual topic. Commentary = George = Prohibition causes lots of problems.
Michelle = All for zero tolerance.
Christine = Just for cooking?
Paul G = Extreme measures are problematic.
Paul M = Glass of wine/beer monitoring.
Gilda = Commoning by-laws eg prohibit pets, tobacco etc.
Juan = Don't mind living without (alcohol).
Tony = Not zero, but not tolerate abuse.
Kim = Monitoring alcohol, tobacco, drugs (is this just another form of prohibition?).
Arlene = Drugs & Alcohol declared NOT part of the Community versus strict Zero Tolerance.
Rami = Brain damage banned, education.
Arlene = Highest vision for the community & self.

George further attended on Monday morning the Drug & Alcohol Community Partnerships Forum Program that acknowledges this as a huge problem in society. All other attendees seemed to be either paid social workers or police force, except hairy me in my scruffy pants. The focus was predominantly networking & propping up existing services, treating only the symptoms & not the cause. So I made a fuss & mine was the only working group that focused on the underlying social causes eg sporting clubs depend on their survival on sales of alcohol, & our social values feature an acceptance of alcohol & in-toxic-ation (as long as there's no bad behaviour - if that is possible!). From the meeting =

Alcohol sales are EVERYWHERE, in supermarkets, it's always in our faces.
Alcohol is available very cheap.
Big Profits are made from the sale & distribution of Alcohol.
Liability of Licensees legislation being considered (the seller becomes liable).
Social worker said harm minimisation rather than cold-turkey is more practical.
Belgrave Police declared problems with prohibition, but their new "Lockout" policy has been very effective in curbing rampant behaviour (lockout is not allowing going from bar to bar).
Education is considered essential, but are they mentioning that drugs & alcohol impair the mind & long term lead to dementia?
To me, the ONLY effective education is to Teach by Example.

Due to the social & financial attractors alcohol use is very entrenched in our society, but working groups like this acknowledge that this is now destructively out of control.

"Responsible Alchohol Use" was raised but what IS responsible alcohol use? To me, any use whatsoever sends a message that alcohol is okay, particularly to youngsters who emulate adults. So the ONLY responsible use may be total abstinence. For the Highest Good, I would like to personally declare TOTAL abstinence from =
Drugs, soft & hard.
Any mind-impairing substance.
Any health-damaging substance, including chemically processed food & drink.
The more of us that do this, the greater the message to our young ones. This acknowledges Arlene's suggestion that instead of Zero Tolerance, "Drugs & Alcohol are NOT part of the Community."
However, the Declaration ought to be on a positive note =
Ingestion of healthy, non-processed food & drinks only.
Personal daily exercise regime.
Personal daily meditation.
Such declarations can be made as part of a Contract for Participation in the Community, as for The Basin Rehabilitation Centre, see attached front page.

As you can see from above, D, we've explored this issue with great depth, it is NOT any superficial conclusion. I've also seen people literally destroy their lives (& others') with alcohol - literally drinking themselves to death, their own children taking secondary importance.
Another example was FAR more recent - a couple with two beautiful children were part of the group until May 2008, but since the beginning of the year L was indulging with both drugs & alcohol, yet he was very instrumental in selecting our land, was a qualified permaculturist, & a very strong contributor to our spiritual discussion gatherings (let's say similar to your own dissertations). His personality became more & more extreme, to the point where he was angry with everyone, I eventually pulled him up & told him he had psychological problems & that he should seek help (this wasn't easy & actually very emotionally painful as we were "brothers" till then), so did his wife who was getting desperate by this stage, but he wouldn't listen & destroyed his marriage as well. How can you sit in judgement, D, without this life experience, I know you'd agree that Experience is our greatest teacher!
A third example is that Magpie House overlooks the township of Upwey. We constantly view gangs of drunken youths rampaging & destroying property, including our own. Right next door is a small bottle shop that does a one million dollar turnover per annum. Our own turnover promoting Body, Mind, Spirit & Belly are tiny compared to this.
More from an earlier meeting, June 12 2008 minutes =

Code of Conduct + Tolerance eg substance abuse closely followed, with an emphasis of enforcing rules & ultimatums & documenting such codes. A recent volatile issue highlighted the effects of substance abuse, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Coincidentally today I was invited to a Shire organised forum on drug & alcohol substance abuse organised by Sue Etherington (!!) so I've booked in for Monday 23 June 9:30am at Lilydale. This is tooooo much of a coincidence (& of course there aren't any) so if you too can attend a very worthwhile event let me know & call 92946113 or email (free as far as I know).

A "zero tolerance" policy was floated, &/or an "isolation compound" at the front of the property while dealing to overcome an addiction, instilling professional counselling etc. "Harmless" soft drugs long-term are known to induce psychotic states such as schizophrenia. And just because alcohol is "legal", that doesn't make it okay. Children of course follow the lead on adults, let's ask ourselves, are we leading by example?
The idea & sacrifice for some was almost unanimous, but there are objections to "zero tolerance". Hallucinegens are used in indigenous cultures, but they usually know what they are doing, & I say we don't, viz =
"Power plants are an excellent way to stop the internal dialogue, but cause untold damage to the body." Tales of Power adapted p236
So if you do strongly object, you would be the perfect candidate for dealing with those obviously out of control & take some responsibility for your decision. If there's no volunteers, then perhaps "zero tolerance" would apply. Is this fair?

Back again D, of course you've mentioned ancient cultures used hallucinegens, & of course there's an answer for you just above. The first few years (& books) of Castaneda's apprenticeship featured hallucinegens, carefully controlled & prescribed by the master/teacher Don Juan Matus, but only because Castaneda was obsessed with this element, by the 3rd book he "saw the light" & refuted the artificial substances as the way to Mastery. And no-one at the meeting above volunteered to be the "substance abuse liaison officer", I needed it off my agenda as I'd just dealt with the painful L incident & his family break-up. You'd probably be an ideal candidate, in which case I would then be comfortable with having this under control.

You do say "Spirit" allows you to see things.....but do quote some life experience in order to back this up. Reading books are a guide but do NOT qualify as "Life Experience", nor do "voices in the head".

I, too, am idealistic & would strongly support a community with absolutely ZERO-rules. But this only works when the participants are Highly Evolved. I, personally do NOT consider myself "Highly Evolved", in fact I declare myself a nincompoop. For me to not over-eat chocolate, I simply don't buy it, but if I buy it, I usually eat it. From Castaneda =

"Decisions are beyond the realms of understanding, all we do is acquiesce. Decision is limited to either acting impeccably, or to act like a nincompoop." Tales of Power adapted p241

"Sorcerers are convinced that all of us are a bunch of nincompoops, we can never relinquish our crummy control, thus we have to be tricked." Tales of Power p232

Compared with the mystery & complexity of the Universe, I Know & Know That I Know Nothing, what about you? Do you declare yourself Highly Evolved, can YOU guarantee that all members you attract are also going to be Highly Evolved, are you going to stay in control for every moment in the rest of your living life? You've mentioned "ego" no less than ten times in the last email, why the obsession with this aspect, are you quite certain it's not where you're coming from?

It's not just me talking, our spiritual study has told us that rules & regulations are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL in a primitive society. This may actually change in the very near future, with the acceleration of consciousness we may find, money, crime, punishment, superiority, condemnation, need, rules & regulations & a host of other "illusions" are all things of the past, & perhaps this is what you're picking up in your meditations.

What we judge as Good or Bad, as you've noted, is not important in a society. What IS important, however, is "what works" & "what does not". For example, traveling to Perth in order to get from Melbourne to Sydney is neither good, nor bad, but doesn't work. Perhaps it's the same with Drugs & Alcohol, they are neither good, nor bad, but in an evolved society, they do not work. Hence the declaration they "are not part of the Community".

Let's challenge the psyche even more here, we can be far more complex than simply drugs & alcohol. Let's say your daughter is kidnapped by a murderer, & is holding a knife to her throat with no prospect of backing off. You have a gun in your hand ready to blow his brains out. Would you use it? Or have you declared yourself non-violent?

Very good friends of ours were targeted at the Port Arthur massacre. The rifleman pointed the gun at their daughter, pulled the trigger, but it failed to fire. By the time he re-loaded they had scattered in absolute terror. While 30 others died, the 4 of them escaped but were scarred mentally for life. Our friend was later reported to say, "If I had a gun, I would have used it, in order to stop the madness".

What I'm saying, to you (& A?), is be careful with your judgements, you may be asked to "declare" them someday. If you are declaring yourself as Unconditional, then Spirit will conspire to allow you to demonstrate that. Can you honestly say you would remain Unconditional in ALL circumstances, even to the point of someone ending your own or a loved one's life? As for me, I always love a debate, there is no offense taken to a shot at my ego!

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Conversations with God books provide some fascinating insights =

"A highly-evolved being (HEB) would never consume an animal, much less fill the ground, & the plants which the animal eats, with chemicals, & then consume it. A HEB would correctly assess such a practice to be suicidal." CwGb3p297

"If your objective is to live a life of good health & great longevity, consuming dead flesh, smoking known carcinogens, & drinking volumes of nerve-deadening, brain-frying liquids does not work. This has already been demonstrated." CwGb3p339

You said that HEBs would never end the corporal experience of another being without the being's permission. "That's right." But why would one being give another being permission to end its physical life? "There could be any number of reasons. It might offer itself as food, for instance. Or to serve some other necessity - like stopping a war." So Native Americans are highly evolved beings? "As with all races & species, some are, & some are not. As a culture, though, they have reached a very high level. But, you have forced them to mix their cultural myths with your own." CwGb3p285

Neale Donald Walsh commentary = "Optimum health is achieved by eating live food, not dead food. That is, not the flesh of dead animals, but the living organisms which grow in our gardens & on our trees. Does God feel this is the "right" thing to do? Well, there is no such thing as "right" & "wrong" in God's world - just what works & what doesn't work in terms of what you are trying to do. Live food leads to more life, dead food leads to more death. It's as simple as that." CwGQ&Ap92

From Ramtha =

"Every moment you buy a burger, you are supporting the necessity for destroying the forests around the world that meet the need for the grazing land of cattle." Last Waltz p58.

J Z Knight = "Eat less meat, unless you raise it yourself."

"What's This - Rabbit Food??!" - Maynard, North Alaskan Inupiaq elder welcome offering of vegie food at Native American Medicine Talk event, Magpie House Wholistic Centre February 2007 Victoria Australia. Followed up with "Definition of Vegetarian - Bad Hunter!"

"For years, your spirituality has been confounded by the many so-called religious ideas. For example, you have been told that to be truly spiritual you must be vegetarian, &, if you are not vegetarian, how can you possibly be spiritual?" - Wendy Munro, Journey into the New Millenium p184

"There are certain substances commonly consumed by human beings which are fundamentally toxifying & enervating....such substances as alcohol, tobacco, flesh foods, & processed foods. You need not consume such substances for very long, nor need you consume them particularly to excess, in order to become aware of their toxifying effects." The Yoga of Right Diet, Adi Da Samraj.

"At the student-beginner stage of the Way of Adidam who are medically advised to include a broader range of foods in their diet...including cooked foods, milk products, eggs, even flesh food, doses of vitamins in addition to fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, greens, grains, legumes - may of course do so, always with the formal agreement of sacred cooperative cultural gathering - but they should do so without self-indulgence, & strictly for health reasons, & only as a concession to necessity." p.47 The Yoga of Right Diet, Adi Da Samraj.

"Diet is NOT the Key to Salvation. Diet is just food Eating is vital activity. Diet does not deal with the more subtle levels of conscious awareness, the psychic being or the higher mental being. Therefore, do not seek the 'perfect diet' in order to be 'perfectly cured'. There is an appropriate use of food - but otherwise, diet does not deserve any attention whatsoever." p.31 The Yoga of Right Diet, Adi Da Samraj.

"Man is a predator by nature." Carlos Castaneda quoting Don Juan, The Active Side of Infinity

"Vegetarians talk about meat eaters like they’re predators. But it’s not a winning moral argument. Because when you eat grains, you’re killing animals, too. And worse. Agriculture and commercial farming is one of the most destructive things we’ve done to our own planet. We are destroying all the creatures that depend on it. Grain destroys the environment. It’s an annual grass that requires a huge amount of resources. It depletes the topsoil and is war on the ecosystem. You have to kill off every other plant to grow grain. When you do that, you kill off every animal in the ecosystem that depends on those plants. There’s nothing moral about doing that. Even if you only eat vegetables, you’re still killing animals. Commercial farming practices have taken over and destroyed prairies, fields, and forests that animals have lived in for millions of years. But when you eat animals that live in their native environment, there are no consequences to the environment. The environment continues exactly as it was before. There is no energy expenditure. All that annihilation of the environment goes away. Eating meat is not ethically wrong. But eating ethically wrong meat is wrong." Alan Sears Health Confidential May 10, 2010

"I’m sure you’ve stumbled into former vegans who are back on meat because they think it’s part of the answer to their health problems. You may even meet many former veggie-heads who also, like the author of 'Vegetarian Myth', think that the vegan diet made them sick and weak. Why are so many vegans unhealthy? Under-eating carbs means that you’ll eat too much fat, too much protein and that you won’t get enough energy to function. That is why so many vegans feel tired all the time. It’s important to get enough calories, but also to eat enough calories in the right proportion. Every single winning marathon runner or Tour de France athlete thrives on a high-carb diet. Why? Because it works, and carbs are the preferred foods for the human body. Top athletes don’t eat a lot of carbs because they are philosophical vegans (most of them are not), but because that’s what they need to eat to win." selections from

DEBATE on ANIMALS, PETS, SLAUGHTER, & CARVIVORES from Etherion Minutes 10 August 2009.

- even vegans feed their pets meat.
- "humane" livestock or poultry to feed our pets?
- Wild roo meat for pets may be appropriate.
- alternatively, some have "converted" their dogs to be vegan as well!
- vegans also crush insects on their windscreens.
- The horrors of factory farming of animals is definitely NOT on the agenda, here we draw the line.
- If we are to ingest meat, consider slaughtering it as well (humanely of course). But many carnivores cringe at this prospect. Think about it!
- Being absolute: if vegetarians & children are facing starvation, would they ingest some meat?
- Most "evolved" indigenous cultures not only ingest meat, but have it as a major staple as well (eg the Medicine Talk 3-day series at Magpie House considered our offerings "rabbit food" & defined vegetarians as "bad hunters".
- Dean, our naturopath guest, cited meat as necessary for some diets.
- The downside of meat production & ingestion is well recognised in both ecological terms & for personal health, eg the recent Yoga Nutrition lecture at Magpie House as well as many movies that state the downside (eg 50,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of meat).
- Meat however is 2nd-hand food where 95% or more of the food energy is lost. Pesticide concentration from factory farms increase higher up the predator food chain.
- Carnivores have a straight & short powerfully acidic gut, whereas humans do not & suffer consequences of acidic (meat) ingestion.
- Many communities simply ban all pets putting wildlife higher on the agenda.
- Who's gonna catch the rats? was asked.
- Indoor to outdoor cat runs can easily be constructed.
- Feral animals are a reality!
- Knee-jerk response to wild pigs is "shoot them".
- But pigs are marvellous "bulldozers" on some farms eg this Saturday's Magpie House cinema "Farming with Nature".
- Horses / mules etc are they the more desirable alternative to cars?
- Even plants are "killed" for eating.
- Castaneda points out we live in a "predatory universe".
- Hamlets of raw food, vegans, vegetarians, & some meat ingestion are a suggested solution, strict rules would be observed in respective hamlets.
- The impossibility of being purist or absolute in these matters must be considered by those who are totally strict on what they wish to impose on others. Some revealed their tendencies to be judgemental. They could ask themselves, do they co-exist with meat-eaters at work, or play, or shop, or are they totally exclusive & refuse to recognise them as living breathing loving individuals? What happens when their own children choose meat?

The above debate highlights the contentious nature of being religious about ANY thing, including diet, despite my own semi-raw vegie preference. The philosophy for this community has been stated as non-denonimational, but at the same time all denonimations. Religious themes CAN be useful but can easily de-generate to control (see the Universal Brotherhood community dvd).

Not being absolute about ANY subject is encouraged eg toxic substances are used in production of cars, & the petrol/diesel tank is a toxic repository - who is prepared to give these up?????!!

Community themes feature unanimous growing of organic/permaculture produce, may include machinery, or a medieval hand-tools only, or some commercial enterprise such as water tank building or boat building. Toxic stages (eg fibreglass) reserved for specialist industrial factories in town. These elements are open for discussion, & consider the open-minded approach of "Use, but do not abuse, the resources".

PENNY provided a detailed & response to the debate =
Penny = All I know is, if you want to elevate your soul, then drugs, alcohol, cigarettes etc will only drag people down
My dog is vegan, there are really good vegan dog foods these days.
* - even vegans feed their pets meat. Penny = There are vegan cat and dog food these days, really hard with cats because they are carnivores - but it is mentioned that when we have peace the lion will sit down with the lamb which means that the lion does not want to eat meat. To reach that point we have to stop the killing of all beings.
* - "humane" livestock or poultry to feed our pets? Penny = My thoughts on this - If we are in the golden age, we have to be humane, that means we do not kill anything.
* - Wild roo meat for pets may be appropriate. Penny = Kangaroos are already traumatised, we shoot 10,000 every night for meat and leather already, and the babies are bashed to death, if we want to have raise our consciousness we have to stop killing everything. Also our compassion and noble virtuousness towards all beings will keep us safe during the rough times ahead.
* - alternatively, some have "converted" their dogs to be vegan as well! Penny = yes my old dog 16 is vegan
* - vegans also crush insects on their windscreens. Penny = yes but not done with intention, daily mediation helps overcome the karma from this.
* - The horrors of factory farming of animals is definitely NOT on the agenda, here we draw the line. Penny = bad karma.
* - If we are to ingest meat, consider slaughtering it as well (humanely of course). But many carnivores cringe at this prospect. Think about it! Penny = yes they cringe because it is inhumane, and no being wants to die, they value life as we do and our co inhabitants the animals have rich inner lives, and they Love, feel emotion, and have family ties etc.
* - Being absolute: if vegetarians & children are facing starvation, would they ingest some meat? Penny = be breatharian, there are so many on the planet now, waterians, solarians, breatharians, they are on our TV all the time, and they have been with us right through the past, and documented as living without food, they live on divine Love and faith. You have to grow your own food and it has to be organic or bio dynamic - this is another way to sequester the Co2 that is already up there.
* - Most "evolved" indigenous cultures not only ingest meat, but have it as a major staple as well (eg the Medicine Talk 3-day series at Magpie House considered our offerings "rabbit food" & defined vegetarians as "bad hunters". Penny = The reason we are comng to the end time is because we have been meat eaters, we are not designed for such - our digestuve system is not set up for meat, we do not need meat to live, it is just a habit we have within our neurological pathways in our body. To have to change the habit. We cannot go to the higher dimensions if we have a graveyard in our body.
* - Dean, our naturopath guest, cited meat as necessary for some diets. Penny = Then Dean needs to look at what some of the experts from around the world are saying about meat eating, our digestive system is not set up for meat, a cat is, it has a short digestive system that the meat goes through its body fast and does not putrify, our digestive tract is long, hence the book CSIRO Perfidy where countless scientific facts advise the dangers of meat eating. Ask Dean to goto We have professionals from all around the world who have been running well known wellness businesses that assist people to overcome dis-eases that they created by eating meat, and by eating healthy live foods, they have saved their own lives without any surgery or chemotherapy.
* - The downside of meat production & ingestion is well recognised in both ecological terms & for personal health, eg the recent Yoga Nutrition lecture at Magpie House as well as many movies that state the downside (eg 50,000 litres of water to produce 1kg of meat). Penny = Methane from animal agriculture traps 72 times more heat than Co2 over a 20 year period, it is a short lived green house gas, but it has been calculated along with Co2 over 100 years - this is not correct. Also Nitrous oxide from animal waste products is 300 times more potent than all the cars trucks and all the transport in the world put together (United Nations _ Livestocks Long Shadow Report 2006).
* - Meat however is 2nd-hand food where 95% or more of the food energy is lost. Pesticide concentration from factory farms increase higher up the predator food chain.
* - Carnivores have a straight & short powerfully acidic gut, whereas humans do not & suffer consequences of acidic (meat) ingestion.
* - Many communities simply ban all pets putting wildlife higher on the agenda. Penny = All animals are GODS creatures, some are higher up the human quality ladder.
* - Who's gonna catch the rats? was asked. Penny = All animals have a place and were created by the Creator, for a reason, you will only attract Rats if you do not use hygenic procedures for everything.
* - Indoor to outdoor cat runs can easily be constructed.
* - Feral animals are a reality!
* - Knee-jerk response to wild pigs is "shoot them". Penny = Once again, killing should not be on our mind at all, that is a negative thought toward another living being, all have their job to do. And all will live in harmony with you if you live in harmony and love with them.
* - But pigs are marvellous "bulldozers" on some farms eg this Saturday's Magpie House cinema "Farming with Nature".
* - Horses / mules etc are they the more desirable alternative to cars? Penny = Horses are higher up the spiritual ladder than humans, so are pigs. Just to have them around elevates our consciousness. Most humans are between 3-10% human quality. Very few humans on this earth have a high human quality, that is why Christ Consciousness has to come down here every so often to help us and show us the way, as did Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Confuscious, and many more.
* - Even plants are "killed" for eating. Penny = Yes but if you cut the head of a broccoli or other similar veggies it grows another broccoli head or if you pick the fruit, there is always more on the tree, the tree also drops its fruit for you to eat. If you cut the head of an animal- its dead.
* - Castaneda points out we live in a "predatory universe". Penny = We are not predators and we should not be predators, to have heaven on earth, we have to stop all killing and causing pain or abuse to another living being.
* - Hamlets of raw food, vegans, vegetarians, & some meat ingestion are a suggested solution, strict rules would be observed in respective hamlets. Penny = All I know is to save this earth, we have to eat plant based. The animals are here to help us. We slaughter 60 billion per annum, this does not include the fur trade or the fish. When they die, they go straight to heaven, and they are connected with GOD, we on the other hand have built up karma, and so if we want to elevate our soul to a higher level, we have to have compassion for all beings. The 60 billion plus we kill has caused the cause and retribution that we now face in the next few years. If we want to save the planet, we have to eat a plant based diet, only then will we be protected.
* - The impossibility of being purist or absolute in these matters must be considered by those who are totally strict on what they wish to impose on others. Some revealed their tendencies to be judgemental. They could ask themselves, do they co-exist with meat-eaters at work, or play, or shop, or are they totally exclusive & refuse to recognise them as living breathing loving individuals? What happens when their own children choose meat? Penny = As I said its the only way we can save this planet is to stop killing, the golden age does not include eating other beings, those that persist in doing so will have to accept the consequences of their actions. Its not about being judgemental, its about saving the planet, and helping those that do not understand, as we have been mislead by the rich families who want to control the negative aspect, and that is the killing tendancy. While ever we resonate at a lower frequency from eating other beings, we put ourselves at risk. If we are compassionate to other beings, then we oscillate at a higher frequency and that is the frequency you have to attain so you are not affected by what is coming towards us.
* - The above debate highlights the contentious nature of being religious about ANY thing, including diet, despite my own semi-raw vegie preference. The philosophy for this community has been stated as non-denonimational, but at the same time all denonimations. Religious themes CAN be useful but can easily de-generate to control (see the Universal Brotherhood community dvd). Penny = It does not matter what religion you are, there is only one GOD. Our meditation group worldwide, and there are 100's of thousands of us, are all different religions, but we all do the same meditation which is on the sound and the light which is mentioned in all the scriptures. We have buddhists, sikhs, christians, muslims, hindus etc etc.


For Ringing Cedars commentary, refer to =

Commentary = "Highly Evolved" indigenous cultures hunt for meat, this apparent paradox may resolve with the "Shifting of the Ages" or Zero Point 2012 as described by Greg Braden. Following "end times" meat consumption would be no longer on the agenda, it cannot be on an Earth & peoples evolving to the next level.


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