Magpie House Wholistic Centre & Yogaplex Yoga School in Upwey Victoria Australia opposite station
Originally 1920s Magpie Cafe & Guesthouse country tourist destination in foothills of Blue Dandenong Ranges
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Yogaplex Yoga School Classes Power Ashtanga Naturally Hot Yoga with Iyengar Yoga Precision Melbourne Victoria

Sat'day 12th May 7 for 7:30pm: Stem Cell Revolution & Aqua-Botanical Nutrients (plus a perfect Mother's Day suggestion - Children/Parent Yoga! Call Nicky 0488 333 139 for information)=
Stem Cell Revolution: Cinema, Discussion, Presentation this Sat'day 5th May 7 for 7:30pm. From from multiple sclerosis to spinal injury & more!

Part 5 of the Live Longer Feel Better series showing startling examples of Stem-Cell therapy. Presenting Aqua-botanical nutrients that can radically boost proliferation of stem cells for repair of major joint & organ trauma & anti-aging.

Suggests repair of damaged organs, bones or cartilage. Making new brain cells. Repair damaged immune systems. Reverse paralysis or regrow lost limbs. The discovery of stem cells is huge for modern medicine, & could have a massive impact.

Yoga Term Monday 16 April - Sat'day 30 June 2018, full timetable below.
Email for yoga news & special offers.

Yoga & Cinema for May 2018,

Recent past events are below.

Sat'day 17 March 2pm: Irish Coffee, Stew, & Jokes! Don't Miss It, & Enjoy!!!=
Share & Invite Australia's Irish Heritage!

Past Lives Yoga Nidra Workshop (Re-scheduled for next term - apologies!)
Click poster or below for Paypal or Credit Card Early Bird Booking , Enjoy!

Sunday 18th March 10am - 1pm. $50 at the door, or just $40 booked on-line (20% off! Paypal or Credit Card).

Yoga Term 22 January - Tuesday 27th March 2018, full timetable below.
Email for yoga news & special offers.
LIMITED OFFER: Highest Quality Yoga at Gym Prices! Call or Email to enquire.
Just $5 per class is possible!= Unlimited Membership at just $100 / month.
(Currently 6 classes/week, plus Advanced when booked). Monthly Direct Debit to=
ANZ Boronia CODEPLEX PTY LTD Cheque Account, Branch 013223 Account 296923655

Yoga & Cinema for March 2018, Cinema 3rd March: Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Dolores Cannon =

Cinema 3rd March 2018: Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Past & future lives, Hidden Sacred Knowledge, Earth's renaissance.
As the Earth’s frequency and vibration increases, so do our own frequencies and vibrations, and we are able to discover and see things previously hidden from us. Dolores described the old energy and paradigm we are now evolving out of: “Because knowledge was power, usually people in authority felt threatened by anyone or anything they couldn’t understand, so they tried to get it by any means they could. Many were tortured and killed for this knowledge. Many of those souls are back now to help mankind and the planet in the movement forward. Their mission is to ensure mistakes from before are not made again.”

Cinema 10th March 2018: Crypto Revolution, Hidden Secrets of Money, Replace all financial systems globally!
"In 2008, a new technology was introduced that is so important that its destiny and the destiny of mankind are inextricably interlinked. It is so powerful that if captured and controlled, it could enslave all of humanity but if allowed to remain free and flourish, it could foster unimaginable levels of peace and prosperity."

Cinema 17th March 2018: Black Panther Revolution! Major Constitutional catalyst, a model for Freedom with revolutionary 60s music.
Vanguard of the Revolution tells the rise and fall of the Black Panther Party, one of the 20th century’s most alluring and controversial organizations that captivated the world’s attention for nearly 50 years. It’s a great piece about Civil Rights and Second Amendment Rights. A major catalyst to Constitutional awareness with the revolutionary music of the 60s.

Cinema 24th March 2018: OverCast: Climate Engineering, Biggest environmental crime in history?
OVERCAST is a groundbreaking documentary about a phenomenon that most of us would consider normal: Jet contrails that spread into clouds, covering the sky and blocking the sun. For some people however, these trails are the biggest environmental crime in the history of mankind. Recent studies show that manmade cirrus clouds through flight traffic have a far bigger impact on climate change than previously assumed and are already described as unintentional Geoengineering. OVERCAST brings light into a phenomenon that should be part of the public and climate debate, but instead has been mostly ignored so far.

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*** Click Here for Yogaplex Yoga School & Teacher Training 2017 or call 03 9752 5838, Join Anytime, Bookings Essential *** or see *** for special discount offers. 8 Classes per week for the Finest in Hatha Yoga!

Meditation+Study Group based on Conversations with God material Saturdays 4-6:30pm during school term. For detailed information, or to join the Meetup Group, click poster or this link= Awaken the Species CwG Book 4 Study Group. Click 'Join Us!' or 'Join and RSVP' to join.

Above is Current Events, Below is Past Events for 2018.

Cinema Sat'day 14th Feb 2018 7 for 7:30pm: Vaccines Revealed, Truth about Vaccines, & a sample of VAXXED.
Please Do Not Miss or ignore this issue, we need to be INFORMED about 'MANDATORY VACCINATIONS' !!!

A Potent Triple - Believe it, or Not!

The medical mantra is - & has been for some time - that vaccines save millions of lives every year. Is there evidence to back up that assertion & if not why are we being lied to?

Measles - Australia asks 'Do Vaccines Really Save Lives'? Deaths were 100+ per 100,000 till 1900 & gradually fell to zero prior to 1960. The Vaccine was introduced 1968, does this really 'add up'?

Join the 1% Club:
"The 99% would rather be entertained than educated. The 1% would rather be educated than entertained."
Spiritual Cinema & Discussion is our major tool of 'alternative education'.
Cinema 3rd February 2018: "Stare Into the Lights", Beyond the Neon God!
Cinema 10th & 17th February: Take Back Your Power 2017 + Action of Liability, see below.
Cinema 24th February: Vaccines Revealed, Truth about Vaccines, & VAXXED sample. See below.

Latest Pamphlet for February 2018 =

Cinema Sat'days 7 for 7:30pm: 2017 Update of Take Back Your Power =

The Phenomenal In-Power Process that can be used in virtually ANY liability situation: Not just Smart Meters! (can apply to Vaccinations, Fluoride in water, & more).

Cinema Sat'day 10th Feb 7 for 7:30pm= TAKE BACK your POWER, 2017 Update Edition.

Cinema Sat'day 17th Feb 7 for 7:30pm= Mass Action of Liability + Notice of Liability.

Related titles on our collective Digital Future: Click titles below.

- simple, informative, & POWERFUL!

* STARE into the LIGHTS, My Pretties! 2 hours (last week's cinema @
- the seductive world of screens: addiction, privacy, & social control.

* Smart Meter Intimidation Tactics Part A 2 minutes (

* Smart Meter Intimidation Tactics Part B 1 minute (

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Compare the Words of Christ, below the Banners below.

Click Banner below for FREE REPORT - We have a RIGHT to be presumed INNOCENT, defend any traffic fine you'd consider Un-Just!=

Email or Call 03 9752 5838 if you'd like to discuss your issue. Our 'study' material includes, "Allowing abuse to continue is abuse nonetheless. It is the HIGHEST abuse."

Never Blindly pay Fines, Fees & Taxes ever again, Represent YourSELF with Product Information way beyond the knowledge base of legal practitioners! Click Banner to Shop=

Email or Call 03 9752 5838 if you'd like to discuss your issue. Make a Life, not just a Living!
Don't miss Radio Show Tuesdays 8-10pm @ .

This is NOT a time to hide behind 'ignorance', we will NEVER be FREE if we do not acknowledge the Highest Authority in our lives - OURSELVES. "Only Divine Law is permanent...Human Law is always impermanent & derives 'jurisdiction' from ignorance only." - George Neo.

Books available from Magpie House, come & view our collection!=

MEDICAL MEDIUM offers Healing Wisdom with all-natural solutions to the root causes of disease that medical communities struggle to understand. Click Poster for more information.

MEDICAL MEDIUM says "Spirit calls our current era the Quickening ... Technology has revolutionized virtually everything ... a period of breathtaking wonder & opportunity. It's also an era of danger ... Lighting-fast advances sometimes come at the price of unconsidered vulnerabilities ... if we don't interrupt the flow of misinformation, then generations to come will endure unnecessary suffering."

From 'Stare at the Lights, My Pretties!= "If all you have is a phone, Everything looks like an App!" From the very first computer, to the latest in Virtual Reality, the seductive world of screens. Covering themes of addiction, privacy, surveillance, information manipulation, behaviour modification & social control, the film lays the foundations as to why we may feel like we're sleeprunning into some dystopian nightmare with the machines at the helm.
Items for 2018, both starting 27 January:
* Magpie House Cinema & Discussion Sat'days 7 for 8pm start, $10 donation.
* Spiritual Study Group Sat'days 4-6:30pm.

"Sounds of Naad Yoga" World-Class Concert Friday 2nd March 2018:
Click poster or below for Paypal or Credit Card Early Bird Booking , Enjoy!

Friday 2nd March 7:30pm - 9:30pm. $25 at the door, or just $20 booked on-line (Paypal or Credit Card).
"Vinod Prasanna is a Master of Indian Classical Music & has studied music from the age of 7 in Varanasi/India. Music has been in Vinod's family for over 250 years. This Sound Healing will assist in alleviating stress & connect you with your heart. The evening will start with deep meditation. You will then be taken on a transformative journey, where you will experience peace, Divine connection & harmony."

Also join Vinod Prasanna @ Magpie House hosting "Life of the Buddha" on Sundays 10am,
begins 4th March 2018. During school terms for 10 weeks.

Please Click on Poster Below to access & register on Facebook. Namaste!

$20 at the door. Please share & invite friends. Venue: in Upwey, the Finest in Body, Mind, Spirit, & Yoga!
"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop." Rumi
In other words, you are crafted with the intelligence of the entire Universe. Quantum physicists have said that if you take one photon of light and send it through a black hole, that single photon of light would carry with it all the information of the Universe. We are all holographic beings.
"Vinod Prasanna is a Master of Indian Classical Music & has studied music from the age of 7 in Varanasi/India. Music has been in Vinod's family for over 250 years. This Sound Healing will assist in alleviating stress & connect you with your heart. The evening will start with deep meditation. You will then be taken on a transformative journey, where you will experience peace, Divine connection & harmony."

Please Click on Poster Below to access & register on Facebook. Namaste!

Vinod Prasanna's pre-Christmas Sound Healing was a sublime success!=

John of God CRYSTAL BED HEALING Saturday & Sunday 30 & 31st of July 2016 With Holistic Practitioner Shirley Morris, limited places so BOOK NOW on 03 9752 5838, or email reply. A message from one of the healing Entities working through John of God in Brazil, source of the Crystal Bed:
. . . . . .
- Silence advised in BOTH cases!
Testimonial: "I believe the JoG entities began working with me some months before the event, even before my 1st crystal bed healing. And healing it certainly was! After feeling lots of powerful energy pulsing thru my body I began to 'see' and feel images that I believe were related to a pastlife. After an amazing, powerful journey I eventually came back into the room, both seeing and feeling the presence of 2 angelic beings as well as mother Mary." Shirley

Yoga Teacher Training template for Yogaplex Yoga School:
_ _ _
See Yogaplex Yoga School & Teacher Training 2016 for more information.

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Magpie Cafe, Here to Stay, (in 2018, the Cafe will be Closed!)
Revives a Link to Yesterday, (Contact for information.)
Good old-fashioned service with smile,
Open all day every day, won't take a while.

MAGPIE as BALANCE "Magpie" happens to be the perfect name for this centre, chosen for us 100 years ago as the original Magpie Cafe & Guesthouse "country tourist" destination, according to the publication Animal Dreaming - The Kingdom of the Winged Ones:

Magpie is the common name for several black & white feathered members of the Crow family.

Magpie is the yin yang of the Bird World - the winged teacher of the necessary & desirable balance between right & wrong, light & dark, good & bad, the feminine & the masculine, birth & death - the two opposites that are equal - of occult knowledge & the correct use of its teachings. The Magpie, as a member of the Crow family, is a doorkeeper to new & other realms, allowing only those who understand the balance of the Universal laws & teachings to venture through.

Magpie can help us to find the balance within - the union of the two opposites that are equal. Magpies are by nature, very intelligent & determined birds, trying over & over again until they master a new skill that they know will reward them with a new & ready food source, freedom or adventure.

Willingness, therefore, is also a strong Dreaming gift of the Magpie, who is always keen to encourage others to explore new & different aspects of life & themselves.

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More Magical Passes & their effects.

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Fabulous outdoor vegie cafe garden area, suits functions & special events see below.

Magpie House Centre shown below.................Original 1950s Magpie Cafe Menu

Yoga/Dance/Activities room shown below.

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