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Magpie House Wholistic Centre & Yogaplex Yoga School in Upwey Victoria Australia opposite station
Originally 1920s Magpie Cafe & Guesthouse country tourist destination in foothills of Blue Dandenong Ranges
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"Collateral Epiphany Workshop" Sunday 1st August 2021 10am-6pm.
Designed to defuse the Mystery/Miseries of the Legal System.

This is the first workshop for CE peoples and they will become a regular event around Melbourne in time.
Any interest ...please email enquiry to: .


This Sat'day 31 July 2021 Conversation with Jools Jeffrey & others, 3-5pm at Magpie House.
Or Register Here for a free ticket to secure an on-line spot:
This is the first medical doctor run event of its kind in Australia, with medical
experts examining the research and challenging the current COVID-19 response narrative.
* COVID-19 epidemiology - Analysing data.
* Treatments and preventions - Evidence for preventative treatment in viral infections.
* Vaccine efficacy and safety - Interpreting vaccination studies.
* Lockdowns - Evidence of success as a control measure, what social and health harms lockdowns bring.
Plus more.

Jools Jeffrey is doing an afternoon session on 8th August 2021

Really important regular session for people to come to and totally complimentary to what we are all dealing
with at the law forums. Poster below to share if you feel moved to do so. Magpie House is a place
to support each other to share experiences and learn from each other.


"Effortless Living" Social Gathering continues Sat'day 31st July 2021.

"Effortless Living" Talk & Social Gathering Sat'day 17th July 2021.
Click on posters below for an important preview on Karma! 6pm Food to Share, 7:30 talk.
Or join us on Zoom at 7:30pm for intro & link, zoom details below.

Based on the traditional philosophy and essential teaching of Taoism. The practice of nondoing,
nonforcing is the essential aspect of Taoism known as wu-wei. Attributed to the great sage Lao-tzu,
the philosophy of wu-wei teaches you how to develop a natural state of consciousness not bound by
thought or preconceived limitations. Experienced by the greatest artists, athletes, musicians, and
writers, this heightened state of consciousness, referred to as "being in the zone," is where
intelligent spontaneity and effortless action flourish via a practice rooted in permitting the
natural harmony of the cosmos to prevail. Essentially, how to live life effortlessly.

Join any scheduled Zoom event (generally Fridays 7:30pm) at .

For Zoom Password, email with full referral details.
(or text 0497 755 025 if running late!)

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Yogaplex Yoga School 2021, in-studio & still running on Zoom.
Yoga styles are generally Restorative, Yin, Raja or mind focused. Gita & Iyengar yoga styles are
featured, plus the unique & original Yogaplex style that inspires us to Encounter the Infinite.

Stronger Hatha Yoga styles such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, or private sessions, by appointment only.

Classes currently limited to Tuesday & Thursday 7pm, & Saturday 10am ONLY.
In-Studio, or purchase 1, 5, 10 or 20 Zoom Yoga classes at $15 each.
(Credit Card or Paypal payment). Email to book.
Click for Videos & Testimonials at the Yogaplex Yoga School website:

Council of Twelve Join us for Cinema & Discussion Sat'day 3rd July 2021.
Click on the poster below for 3-minute preview, a Mirror for Mankind.
Or join us on Zoom at 7:30pm for introduction & link, zoom details below.
In this Council of Twelve movie, a combination of intuition, dreams, readings, and channeling
brought together 12 elders from around the world to perform a specific task, revealed here.
They came to the Council not to represent a religion, their tradition, or even culture.

Most of them are not famous; they are not gurus.
When they all came together to work spiritually, these 12 keys all clicked together like pieces in a puzzle and
enabled the ritual to be more powerful, to access higher levels. Also, if Humanity were to integrate all 12 keys,
this would constitute the foundation for a harmonious world and a sustainable regenerative life.

A New Era of SILENT KNOWLEDGE Cinema & Discussion Sat'day 19 June 2021.
Click on the poster below for a 5-minute view on Consciousness as a 'preview' with David Icke.
NOTE: To watch Superhuman: Invisible made Visible post-event, click the Silent Knowledge poster below. Enjoy!
. .
Join us Sat'day 19th June 2021, with a movie that shows us how the Invisible is now becoming Visible,
All is being Revealed! In This scenario, the Tyrants CANNOT wield illusory power, as it is all exposed.
"If you are part of the Light, you can TRICK the dark because you can see & it cannot!"

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Guidelines Here: At the top we will pin our most effective & credible strategies.
Consider restricting Chat to Cause & Effect situations, also known as What Goes Around, Comes Around, or Karma
(some say Karma does not exist & they are correct but only if you see past the Illusion & remain in integrity).

We CANNOT Lie to Self! ...Consider attending our Fine to Trial Studio or Zoom evenings:

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Our 'study' material includes, "Allowing abuse to continue is abuse nonetheless. It is the HIGHEST abuse."

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Other Stuff:

Click poster below for Kyani Health benefits=

Mayans predicted the Old/New Paradigm Shift, Right On Time!
Watch the entire movie, or the 5-minute Magpie House contribution. Click to Play, Both.
_ _ _ _ _

It's Now Time to Act! From my own Akashic Records writing in 2012=
"The www is merely a stepping-stone toward a collective global www
of intuitive, psycho-spiritual connection WITHOUT the use of technology,
where what is known by one will be known by all." - George Neo

In other words, welcome an Age of Telepathy. Deception is no longer possible!
It's Too Late for Censorship, the information is already out.

Free THRIVE II video till 2nd May, click poster to access full information!
Takes you to our latest email newsletter for April 2021, scroll down for links.
Also for the Original Thrive, the chemtrail classic "What in the World are they Spraying", & more.

Or, for direct links (more coming soon), click below:

Watch the original Thrive to compare, we screened several times years ago:

We had the privilege of meeting Foster Gamble after giving away hundreds of these dvds at the Thrive
Solutions Summit in Melbourne. Magpie House was invited to speak at this Summit & headed the Thrive Solutions
Melbourne group following this. Click dvd to play the Chemtrail classic "What in the World are they Spraying?"=

Now for Bill Gates. Watch this short video first, or there's a quick read at

Now Click Book Cover below for the Bill Gates Wikipedia explanation. Are they related?
So, how come the Kryon entity proposed a solution to this 'disaster' over 30 years ago,
yet it doesn't feature in any review we've looked at so far? See Kryon quotes below.

Paraphrased from Kryon 1993 page 104: "Control depletion of the planet's atmosphere, else the weather
& food growing areas will change resulting in mass starvations. Get rid of artificially produced, volatile
small particle fuels as the most dangerous substances on Earth. Power cities from unlimited heat directly
below your feet, & understand the incredible consistent energy of tidal actions along coasts, where many major
cities reside. You already understand benefits of hydro power, free, clean, & forever."
Both very mature:

Remember our screenings of THRIVE in 2011 & 2012? Click on the Poster for Part 2!

Yoga Teacher Training template for Yogaplex Yoga School:
_ _ _
See Yogaplex Yoga School & Teacher Training 2016 for more information.


Messages from Beyond Time & Space October 2020 series.
Optional Book & Donate for Monday & Friday Zoom sessions, in multiples of $5. Thank You!
Zoom link, email for passcode.
(text 0497 755 025 for any connection issues). Click to play Q & A session:

Hint: Click to watch Part A & B below, & Write Down your Questions! (can skip 10-minute video).
Videos for Clinical Hypnotherapist Messages Beyond Time & Space =
. . . . . .
Clinical Hypnotherapist Nino Borsari answers queries on Pandemic dramas, Fear vibration,
Lockdown, Earth Ascension, Plant medicine, Super-conscious states, & a lot more...Don't miss out!

Mark Pytellek Interview: Solutions for Financial, Legal, & Judicial oppression.
Click Poster Below for Zoom session scheduled for Monday 15 February 2021.
Email for passcode or text 0497 755 025.

Mark hosts
Unlike any other interview in the Freedom movement, how our most intimate thoughts affect outcomes, using Mind Over Matter
as VERY powerful tools. As an awesome preview, click for a recorded interview from last year.

7:30pm vic/nsw, 6:30pm qld. Click Link Below for donation in multipes of $5, your choice!

"A true leader is not one who says 'follow me', but says 'I'll go first'." Neale Donald Walsch adapted.
We regard Mark as a True Leader, jumping in the deep end where we learn from mistakes. But these are not failures,
merely steps toward success. Click for Zoom link at
As advised before, "Those who love Peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love War."
Martin Luther King Jr.

Nonviolent Effective Action workshops 27-28 March 2021.
Click Poster Below to join our Magpie Blog on Telegram. Masses are Mobilizing
for this Essential one-day workshop either Sat'day or Sunday, or book Both.

Email to book by March 25.
Entry By Donation To Venue Magpie House

Nonviolent Effective Action workshops 6-7 February 2021.
Followed by Strategy workshops 13-14 February 2021.
Click Poster Below for optional donation booking, in multiples of $5. Masses are Mobilizing
for the Essential one-day workshop either Sat'day or Sunday, or Why Not Both?!

Followed by Strategy Workshop 13-14 Feb 2021 for those that attend the introductory
workshop on developing NVA Strategy for high-impact campaigns on the following weekend.
Both weekends detailed below.

Shattering Illusions, from Fine to Trial Workshop with Rob Halford.
Click Poster Below to Book & Pay. Location & details will be email returned.

Plus Nonviolent Effective Action workshops 6 & 7 February, see below after Yoga.

The full 5G Tech Dandenong Ranges Community 24 June 2019 set covering local issues=
. . . . . . . . .

5G Focus Sat'day & Monday: 5G Dragnet: Smart City Artificial Intelligence.
Magpie Cinema & Discussion Sat'day 27 July 7:30pm. By Donation, Food to Share.

5G TECHNOLOGY INFO NIGHT at IFTI Hub 2 Francis Cres, Ferntree Gully Village.
Monday 29th July 2019, 7pm. Gold Coin donation.

Technical details & Health in the first two presentations, the third item poses
"If we do not awaken now, we could wind up...becoming more & more violent as we become more & more advanced.
G: Those last thirteen words are a description of how things are going on your planet now."

Some objected to the "metaphysical" content, but perhaps it represents by far the most important aspect
- Consciousness & the Keys to Awaken Humanity, rendering ALL 'dark agendas' impotent & irrelevant.

Let's not waste our energies fighting a system already broken, which only makes it stronger.
Instead, put our energies into a Glorious future for Humanity, & watch it manifest. Be Part of the SOLUTION, NOT the PROBLEM!

Recent Magpe House Videos feature Lawful Spirit, 5G Technology, & Foundation Law =
. . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . .

Bansuri Flute Sound Healing & Meditation with Vinod Prasanna=

Vinod Bookings & Enquiries 0420 447 373.
"Vinod Prasanna is a Master of Indian Classical Music & has studied music from the age of 7 in
Varanasi / India. Music has been in Vinod's family for over 250 years. This Sound Healing will assist
in alleviating stress & connect you with your heart. The evening will start with deep meditation. You will
then be taken on a transformative journey, where you will experience peace, Divine connection & harmony."

Click to hear Vinod speak of Sound Healing on YouTube= .

People's Choice Cinema & Discussion Sat'days 7pm
by donation & bring food to share start 7:30pm.
A tiny selection of our Spiritual, Ecological, & Nutritional titles. Or, BYO selections =

See links above for more titles under Past Events & Cinema pre-2013.

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