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Managing Electro-Hypersensitivity (& Cancer) Forum, is this too good to be true? The same super-nutrients manage & reverse the following ailments & more, including mental depression WITHOUT drug side effects:

Forum Saturday 26th November 4pm (poster below), learn advanced health features & how to save on product & shipping cost, & how you too can distribute. To register, call 03 9752 5838 or email .

Testimonial from Sue at a prior forum September 2016 (video below): I'm here today because I have Electro-Hypersensitivity. My background is in nursing & one day I saw on TV a lady who had the problem, named Sofia. To cut a long story short, for 12 years I've been suffering from insomnia, chronic fatigue, followed by fibromyalgia, muscle pain.

What happened then was I had a fairly good diet, mostly un-processed foods but it still wasn't enough, & then a friend of mine put me onto something called Kyani & that pretty much changed my life. So Iím the opposite now, Iíve got lots of energy, sleeping really well & deeply, & then my son used to walk into the room in the kitchen Ė Iíve got shielding put up after the Smart Meter was put in Ė when my son used to walk in with his mobile phone my ears would be really sore & Iíd have to leave the room just like that, muscles would get sore & Iíd get headaches. But now since taking the Kyani, especially the vitamin E is very potent, with the radiation I canít feel a thing pretty much, so, it works! So, itís very good Kyani & I recommend it.

Purchasing Kyani Starter Packs: (vegan Kyani pack further below)

Here's some 30-day options, gst & postage paid (there's many more options. A Builder's Pack is a discounted 4 month supply)=

$92 = 30 packets . . . . . . . $154 = 30 pack+bottle . . . $234 = 30 packs+2 bottles . . . or, Be a Distributor!

(Nutrient Only) . . . . . . . . (Cellular Repair with Sunset) . . . . . (Nitro FX dilates vessels for absorption).

* Click This Link to Purchase: (hint: right-click & select Open in New Tab)

* Find "Kyani Sunrise" or "Kyani Triangle of Health" & click "Details".
* "Kyani Shop" takes a while, enter the Magpie House Sponsor ID 2816684 (if it asks, now or later).
* Top Right should display "Welcome! Your sponsor is Christine Neofitou.
* Read notes & select (click) a Sunrise or Triangle pack.
* Read notes & click "Add to Cart".
* It asks you to purchase Prime for 6 months of wholesale prices & free delivery for significant savings, or if trialling the product you may select "No, I don't want to save money."
* Click "Proceed to Checkout" & again if not selecting Prime.
* Click "Not Now" to Autoship if not selecting automatic monthly delivery.
* Enter Shipping Details & click "Next".
* Check Shipping & Cost details, click "Pay and Submit Order".
* Enter Card Details & click "pay" to finalise.
* Check your Email for shipping estimate & delivery.

Vegan Kyani Pack: (no Salmon) Kyani Sunrise (30 packets), & Nitro FX Noni plant concentrate.

VIDEO TESTIMONIALS & detailed product information October 2016:

Kyani & Pain with Sue Oct2016
2 minutes.

Kyani & EHS with Alan Oct2016
6 minutes.

Kyani & EHS with Sue Oct2016
8 minutes.

Kyani Product Description with Adelina Oct2016
26 minutes.

Kyani & Cancer with David Oct2016
26 minutes.

Kyani & Cancer with Gilda Oct2016
26 minutes.

Kicking Cancer with Yvonne Oct2016
31 minutes. Features her book "Why Me?" on how attitude changes reverse cancer. Cancer remissions are not just physical (diet & food supplements), but also involve altering values, outlook, attitudes for mental & spiritual changes.

Prior lower-quality video September 2016:
Kyani Testimonials, product, & reversing EHS & Cancer
53 minutes.

Nutrition & Behaviour
Magpie House screens many nutritional videos, this dvd implicates bad behaviour with Nutrition. The UK's worst children were transformed into angels, simply by changing diet. Similarly, negative life attitudes could be the result of poor nutrition.

The Gerson Miracle
Gerson Therapy is a similar & powerful process to regain good health, & while it claims results, it's difficult & expensive to organise, & may require overseas travel. Kyani seems to yield similar, or better, results without all the hard work & at much lower cost. Here's the Gerson method from =

The Max Gerson protocol involves:

Thirteen glasses of fresh, raw carrot/apple and green-leaf juices prepared hourly from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Three full plant-based meals, freshly prepared from organically grown fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A typical meal will include salad, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes, Hippocrates soup and juice.

Fresh fruit and vegetables available at all hours for snacking, in addition to the regular diet.

The Gerson therapy requires enormous amounts of these fruits and vegetables to make these juices and meals, up to 20 lbs. per day or even more, as well as these supplements:

Potassium compound
Lugolís solution
Vitamin B-12
Thyroid hormone
Pancreatic enzymes
To top all this off, the Gerson therapy involves coffee enemas, lots and lots and lots of coffee enemas, usually five a day.

Fortunately, Kyani does the hard work for us, & may be worth a trial.

Magpie House Mission Statement is about EMPOWERMENT, not HEALING!=

How to find us: Directly opposite Upwey station, on Belgrave line.

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