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Magpie House Event Booking Page

We are asking $100 deposit per person (non-refundable) for the John of God Melbourne to Sydney Group Tour in November, please follow bank transfer guide below. Standard accomodation for Friday 21 November 2014 to Monday 24th (4 nights) is around $350 to $500 per night, we have arranged around $100 per night with short transport to venue. Flight & Transfers to be advised, Event cost $820.85. Join Group Tour even if already booked, PLEASE BOOK EARLY (NOW?) SO WE DON'T MISS OUT!

Bank Transfer Details =

ANZ Boronia CODEPLEX PTY LTD Cheque Account
Branch 013223 Account 296923655

IMPORTANT: Please enter Amount, Name, & Event in bank transfer details.
Please email transfer receipt to, & verify your confirming email.

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John of God Healing Tour Update August 2014, cheap flights, accomodation, & gatherings with Crystal Bed Healing sessions (see adjacent poster), that John of God Entities commonly prescribe, coming soon. Not too late to join the tour, read this page fully for more details.

1. John of God talk scheduled for Sunday 31st August 2014 at the Mornington Nexus Forum group, Benton Rd Community Centre 145 Benton Rd Mornington 1pm - 3:30pm. The benefits of Crystal Bed Healing will also be presented, & sessions can be booked at Magpie House for the full Saturday & Sunday weekend 13th & 14th September. 30 minutes $40 no consultation, or 60 minutes $80 with consultation.

2. Sunday 14th September 3-5pm is a pre-event gathering at Magpie House 48 Main St Upwey, please email reply your attendance or any issues. Vital event information will be shared, & we can finalise accomodation & travel with any further late bookings. Bring cash or cheque or we'll arrange another bank transfer for accomodation. BOOK A CRYSTAL BED HEALING SESSION NOW between 10am-6pm Saturday & Sunday via email reply, or call 03 9752 5838, limited sessions available.

3. PLEASE BOOK YOUR FLIGHT TICKETS NOW - & let us know !!! (not too late to join the Group Tour - contact us as soon as). We've explored Group Flights but discounts only apply to full fare - so are more expensive than on-line light or flexi-saver fares. Here is what we've booked, see =

Melbourne to Sydney, we can meet at the Domestic Terminal Food Court 4 to 6pm & even have an early evening meal so we're in bed early & up early, ready to leave 7am =

On top of this is $8.50 booking & service fee. Luggage is limited to 10kg unless you purchase additional checked-in luggage. Travel insurance covers "cancellation and amendment of your Tigerair Ticket, Tigerair checked baggage cover and missed connection for special events" for $12.95 per person.

Try for the same combination, but don't worry if it's not the same. Travel to Sydney is far more important than the return flight, so other times could be booked. If we travel & meet together at the Food Court, then we can share taxis to hotel.

QANTAS & Virgin also have many bookings, try for similar times at higher prices =

PRIOR NEWS - next gathering Friday 27th June 7pm for Testimonials & Visible Surgeries video.
It's healthy to be skeptical, this is very convincing evidence that we personally both witnessed & experienced, & it seemed no trick! Send this around with your own special message, Best wishes, Christine & George

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The most powerful evidence today that Reality is NOT what it seems! Around 20 attended Cinema & Discussion Saturday 31st May. Dvds included Visible Surgeries & Testimonials & Joao de Deus, Just a Man that suggests people receive healing just by watching the movie. Spiritual healing of ailments considered medically incurable is offered & demonstrated in the videos.

We have personally witnessed these physical surgeries with our own eyes, & have experienced dramatic healing from psychic surgery. WHAT do YOU choose, & CONSIDER CAREFULLY:

"Transhumanists believe that what we experience as consciousness has nothing to do with a soul, but is actually just a result of synaptic impulses."


"For those who believe, no words are necessary; for those who do not believe, no words are possible." These are the words of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, born 1491 in Spain. These days, Saint Ignatius is a Spiritual Entity who works through medium Joao Teixeira de Faria, known as Joao de Deus (John of God) in Central Brazil, thousands per day experience Healing (millions over decades).

The Entity working through John of God has authorized Magpie House as a Tour Guide for a Melbourne to Sydney Group Tour, with John of God for the first time in Australia. Benefits are group discounts apply, & a Guide is advised due to complex interaction at the event. Contact 03 9752 5838 or see . A $100 deposit secures a place.

Around 30 attended our "South America Pilgrimage & Healing Experience" Friday 23rd May 2014. Intentional Community was high on the agenda with some hours of video recorded for Peru communities in the Sacred Valley & Lake Titicaca islands Taquila & Uros, describing their timeless lifestyle.

Donations for Take Back Your Power screening, $95 for Probiotics Workshop Sunday 12th May 2013.
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$10 Lucia Talk 22nd March, $10 Melchizedek Talks 21st (Burwood) & 24th (Upwey) March = _ _

Events Now Booking with amounts further below (Cody just $20 booked here, or $30 at door) =

Contact Us for Group Bookings discounted from table below =
People _ _ _ _ Lucia Session _ _ _ _ _ Awakening Workshop _ _ _ _ Cody Concert _ _ _ $10 Talks (or calculate value)
1 $60 $444 $20 $10
2 $120 $888 $40 $20
3 $180 $1332 $60 $30
4 $240 $1776 $80 $40
5 $300 $2220 $100 $50
6 $360 $2664 $120 $60
7 $420 $3108 $140 $70
8 $480 $3552 $160 $80
9 $540 $3996 $180 $90
10 $600 $4440 $200 $100
People Lucia Session Awakening Workshop Cody Concert